Samsung Verizon slider

It's been a couple weeks now since we got a very slight peek at what appeared to be a Samsung slider on Verizon. Let's get a little closer look, shall we? The pic you see above (and a couple more after the break) just hit our inbox. And, sure enough, the as-yet unannounced device looks a whole lot like Sprint's Samsung Epic 4G.

We'd imagine that if indeed this unnamed piece of Android goodness ends up seeing release on Verizon, it'll be of the Galaxy S II variety. And while it's nearly a dead ringer for the Epic 4G, the keyboard's been tweaked every so slightly. The shift and fn buttons have been moved, and what appears to be an Internet shortcut key has been added, and the emoticon key -- which ridiculously found itself as a dedicated key on the Epic 4G -- has been relegated to secondary status on the space bar.

What else do we know? It looks like it's running Android 2.3.4, which any release at this point of the year should definitely have.

Also note the 4G LTE icon in the status bar. We've all been wondering why the Motorola Droid 3 got such a low-key launch on Verizon. Jerry's suspected that it was because the D3 is 3G only. And if this Samsung slider indeed sees release as a 4G device, it looks like he'll be able to chalk that one in the win column.

Update: Got a few more details. The screen is described as "awesome." (Never mind these blurrycam pics.) Better than the Fascinate, we're told, and our tipster is thinking it could well be a Super AMOLED Plus screen, which packs in more subpixels than a mere Super AMOLED screen. It's also said to run faster than the Fascinate. Internal storage is 2.17GB after hard reset. It's got a 5MP camera on the back, and 1.3MP up front.

Couple more pics after the break.

Thanks, anon!

Samsung Verizon slider

Samsung Verizon Slider


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A closer look at Verizon's Samsung slider with Android 2.3.4 and LTE


agreed, I can't live without a slider. My D2G is just dead to me with all the new goodies out there now, so I'm keeping my eye out for every new slider that hits the market these days. This one looks nice, 4G (which I can't use, boo), a nice big screen (better than my 3.7") and GB...oh and it's a Samsung, much better than Moto IMHO. Although I was planning on my next device to be an HTC, since they seem to know what they are doing in the smartphone world.

Agreed. Except the slider became very lose for me and I did not like it. But minus the slider and you (I) have a nexus which I love and wouldn't replace. And no Samsung botched updates.

Too bad the blue led life is terrible though. Status bar on epic faded out on the top when your on a white background. Nexus has really strong blue there since there are no led used for the black. And I've only had the phone for 2 months.

This looks nice hopefully some more will leak about it. If it is indeed 4g it will please alot of those who like physical keyboards. Maybe ill check this out depending on the specs. Wonder if this will be vzw's version of the gs2 like it was for sprint last year? Any info on what will be under the hood?

Man, I hope this thing is either a "Global Phone" or comes to Europe as well, if it has the Galaxy S II hardware. I'm waiting for a phone like this for ages, and I'd totally import it to Europe just to get it. xD

I think a slider the Galaxy S II specs and try to get it as then as the S II would fly off the shelves

Now we are talking!

1. Samsung build quality - not for everyone I know but I value a lightweight handset
2. Slider keyboard - again not for everybody but I like them
3. All the good hotness of that Galaxy S 2 - dual core, Super Amoled Plus, 1 GB of ram, 8 MP camera, Gingerbread
4. LTE ready - Not available where I live, yet, but it is all around me now in NC and SC so maybe by years end or early next?
5. Oh and it'll be totally unlocked which means crazy custom ROM action. See the oft maligned Fascinate for the good work the devs have done

Please let this be true. Even if it is a copy of the Epic from Sprint I don't care. It's my next phone.

I hope its not the GSII for Verizon. I have an OG Droid and never use the keyboard, so a hardware keyboard would do nothing for me but make the phone thicker.

Same here. I mean it's nice that Samsung is going to offer a LTE slider, but I rather have Verizons version with stay true to the original GS2, but with LTE.

That's your opinion, I'd LOVE for it to have a physical keyboard, they should give us options. Sadly, most people want anorexic phones, lol.

QWERTY is for lazy people that can't type on a screen. Thats how i look at it. I used to use my QWERTY all the time when i had it, but when i got a touch screen it wasn't all that much harder to get used to. now i can type even faster then i did before and even faster on my tablet.

MIGHT BE my opinion, but i think the majority of people don't use these anymore. I mean if they did, we would see alot more QWERTY sliders. Which we don't. Even the top phones coming this year aren't equipped with them. Bionic, Targa, and "Un-named" HTC phone.

So if you guys with the QWERTY lust want to stay behind the tech and be restricted to your physical keyboards, thats fine but don't rub it in our faces about it being better when its clearly not.

Just my .02

Call me when virtual d-pads in games actually can hold a candle to physical buttons. I can't even play Pac-Man on my OG Droid since it doesn't recognize the keyboard and the virtual joystick sucks so bad. I need buttons for MEH GAMES!

But besides that, I mostly use Swype. That, and some physical keyboard.

I fully agree. If I was going to get a slider, it would be so I can macro real keys to game controls. Just because most on screen touch controls are horrid in anything past Angry Birds.

How are QWERTY's for lazy people. We QWERTY lovers are doing the same thing people without tem are doing.... Typing. We just like the feel of physical keys and I personally like to use my screen for what it was designed for and that is to see. I hate using not QWERTY phone because more than half your screen is taken up by the on screen keyboard. We all have our prefernces though. I'm hoping Sprint releases the Epic2 with S2 specs. The OG epic was and still is a top notch phone. Sorry for any typos I'm using my Epic4G. LoL!

or for folks like me who can type faster than a virtual keyboard can handle. I hate typing on my Fascinate because I'll be three words ahead of what getting put up on the screen.

Usually they keep them blurry on purpose to hide any distinguishing factors that JUST their test unit have, that the company may have marked it will to tell if someone leaks pics early.

Tester may like leaking pics, but they do not want to loose their jobs either.

Anyone else notice the funky green color in the pictures? Looks like vzw is screwing this up like the charge with the weird colors

if you're talking about the green in the "about phone" pic, that's normal. GB uses a grey/green theme instead of the old grey/white one of eclair/froyo. It's a google thing.

Holy crap, this news just made my day! I was with Sprint because of the Epic 4G, it was my first and most favorite smartphone! I really missed the physical keyboard when I went to Verizon and got the Droid Charge. I was thinking of going back to Sprint for that phone anyways. But if Verizon is getting it, especially with LTE, looks like I'll have to stay put!

Now if this baby was dual-core, even sweeter, but I'm not counting on that. Wonder how this'll compare to the Epic 2 rumored for Sprint?

Yes! That's exactly what I've been waiting for -- a high-end slider with LTE, a great keyboard, and a great display.

Any word on a release date?

QWERTY slider SGSII variant on VZW with LTE. Hmm if that's the case.. I may be swayed to give Samsung a shot again.. the Fascinate was a huge disappointment for me. I really want an LTE version of the MT4g Slide on VZW but this may be the ticket.

This phone might do what the Droid 3 couldn't do, make me stay with VZ when my current contract ends.

most likely wont be dual core probably another hummingbird like on the epic. Doesnt matter to much because the devs will get touchwiz off and get some custom roms to get this thing flying. Lets hope they dont go cheap on the ram.

I found out that Most likely it would be a souped up hummingbird since I stumbled upon that pocketnow article about this slider. Since the slider is designated as the SCH-I405 and the continuum was the I400. But why can't we have the S II instead of these rehashes? It's like their stalling the s2 with them.

"It's like their stalling the s2 with them."

That is EXACTLY what they are doing! Releasing the Droid Charge, Samsung Infuse, etc. as placeholders for the GSII. By the time we finally get it, we'll be hearing news about the GSIII, which is supposed to come out late this year, early next year! : (

I know right? The rehashes are technically placeholders and a waste of super amoled plus screens that could've been used for the S2 variants here!

OK if this thing has gingerbread, super amoled +, new touchwiz, 1.something processor and or dual core.... im all over it!!!.. please oh please be true... and i hope this isn't the supposed Verizon version of the SGS2. yea sounds crazy i know but big red has gotten away with much crazier things in the past (BING android phones -_-)

I hope your right, I really hope that the Galaxy SII "Function" isn't this device. The SII hopefully is what the European versions are. slim, beautiful screen and design that will work on all the SII accessories. Last year the S phones are varied in design and given how the Sprint Galaxy SII "Within" has already leaked its image, i'm hoping that it holds true for all carriers since Sprint's design is the same as the Euro variants. Here's hoping...

im with you on the keyboard part but it seems nowadays high end doesnt say keyboard like the G1 and the og Droid. ahh the magiacal stevo! crazy how the main driving point behind the icant do days is disappearing and now the standard of high end android is what icrap does do lol. guess thats why every none android tech site says icrap is the standard bearer and oems prove them right and uncle googs goes along with them wow!

If this slider ends up being the GSII on Verizon, the phone I'm patiently waiting for, I will cancel my contract and go out and buy two Dixie cups and a string. At least then I won't be stuck with a keyboard I will never use.

great idea to apeal to those that want a slideout qwerty but, i hope it is not the galaxy sII. I have been looking forward to that phone for some time and this one does not soud as good on the specs as the sII. I would be greatly disapointed. I love the sleak design and the thinness of the original.

Eff all of you saying that this shouldn't be the SGSII on VZW.. last time I checked there are three other options for LTE phones without keyboards and another powerful dual-core on the way. Let us who actually use and enjoy a keyboard get something that's not a locked down piece of shit or a mid-range phone.

Please please please don't let this be the sgs2! Please don't ruin perfection! I have been waiting for the sgs2 for months. This is not the phone that sold 3million units in 55 days.

If this is based on Galaxy S II specs it would follow the Bionic release as a LTE/Dual Core QWERTY slider alternative. Although it could also be just a slider alternative to the Charge and released around at the same time as the Bionic. D3 is the first dual core slider on VZW but there hasn't been any type of LTE slider yet.. could this just be that or more?

Looks like this wouldn't be the SGII (which I want it to be, I want a physical keyboard!), if its confirmed to only have a 5mp rear camera, vs. 8mp in the overseas models.


I didn't realize how divisive the subject of physical keyboards can be, lol.

I absolutely love them, more than Swype or any of that virtual keyboard garbage. Other people are happy with pecking on a screen and want their phones to be paper-thin.

Probably just the VZW equivalent of the Sprint Epic 2 - single-core, 1.2GHz. Move along, people, nothing to see here.

i never used the hard keyboard. but got my epic on craigslist for 65 bucks so i couldnt pass it up.

i was a HTC guy before and i really enjoy samsung.
the phone (epic) is a power house and it can be overclocked to 1400 and undervolted as well.

one thing i recommend, is that if your NOT into the hard keyboard or barely ever going to use it, WAIT for the SGS2 without, its the thinnest smartphone ever produced.

Yes the super amoled PLUS is amazing.

only issue i knock on my epic is that the hinges are loose, the phone waffles back and forth when its closed, it is loose and irritating.

ive never used the hard keyboard.

please guys, tell your source to take some GOOD PICTURES,
what the hell is wrong with him?

lets see the side, back of the phone and some menus.

we can really see if its the sgs2 then.

PLEASE NO !!! Is Verizon also getting the regular Galaxy S2 as well. I don't need a qwerty keyboard plus it has a downgraded front and back camera as well.

If dual core, I will have to consider this phone along with the Bionic. I have been missing a physical keyboard lately: on screen keyboard works fine but shrinks the work space. Not sure if I want to go down to 4" screen to get it though. Love the 4.5" on ATT version. This phone should be added to the line up choices.
The GS2 is beautiful in it's own right and form factor should be left alone and add LTE for Verizon. and NO BING!

Here we go again, Copying anther cheap Sprint handset as everyone claim almost a year ago! First the EVO 4G to big to fit in hand or the pocket, too large screen,and the Epic not a good phone,WOW! Now everyone getting handset above the 4 inch screen, why! Because easy to read and easy to play games, even Steve Job releasing the
Iphone 5 with screen 4 inch or maybe 4.3 inch. am wondering what Else copying?

There is nothing a single core cannot do that you would need a dual core but I guess it is cool to say you have one.

I must say that I have been LMAO at some of the comments! I'm on Sprint and I still have the TP2. Been waiting on the Epic2 to drop but I would love to get my hands on any Samsung with a 4.3 with slider Qwerty. In the mean time I will wait but it is very frustrating because Sprint is always late to the party:( The selection seems to be out dated as AT&T brings the huge screens and the latest technology. Been with Sprint since it became Sprint so I guess I can just anticipate something great from them soon or they may need to escort their buisness developement vp out the door!