There are seven days in a week. No so coincidentally, we've got seven brand-new Chromecasts just sitting here, waiting for good homes. And we also have the Netflix three-month-free discount codes that go with them.

So, yeah. Let's give 'em away. One a day, actually, starting now. This one's open to anyone and everyone. Just leave a comment on this post through midnight Pacific time tonight. We'll pick a winner first thing Monday morning and contact 'em by e-mail.

And while you're at it, be sure to swing by our Chromecast forums, and be on the lookout for our full take on Chromecast in the next couple days.

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TheLegoman says:

I would love to have one of these to watch stuff on the big screen.

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In Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice, from the original Total Recall, "I'm sorry mam, but I need it."

I really want it.

eblue says:

Yay free stuff

Nof603 says:

Please pick me!! This would go great with the new Onkyo system I just got! :-)

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j.wilson says:

I was so excited to hear about these during the keynote. Unfortunately everywhere in my town already sold out. Here's to hoping this will help me out. Good luck everyone and thanks Android Central!

efallows says:

A chromecast to go along with my Comcast, and Netflix, pretty please.

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brent86 says:

Yet another awesome giveaway from android central!

TheLegoman says:

I would love one.

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Natedagreat7 says:

Chromecast is awesome!!!

Mikey47 says:

I'd love one!

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Dareoth says:

A Chromecast a day keeps the boredom away.

RoccOn16v says:

Yes please!

bunz8866 says:

Yes please

mlynch01 says:

I want! Nice!

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Eldwafio says:

Pop my name in the hat please :-D

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ctaydus says:

Chromecast please!!!

xd1936 says:

Awesome! Thanks, you guys!

fatal99 says:

Woohoooo! Chromcast, make it happen AC!

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fareal says:


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PalmLives says:

I can has one?

ladyodin says:

I would love to win one. Put me in for one.

palmor says:

I'm in

Amazins71 says:

I would like to win one since some lady in front of me took the last 3 ones remaining in Best Buy, smh..

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lumpy211 says:

I think this would be a nice replacement for my HTPC, so count me in please!

VMdoug says:

Winner winner

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Pascalwb says:

I would like to try one, I don't have hdmi cable for phone.

joonyboy says:

Dang always spoiling us with all the latest technology! I would love to try one out on my new TV that my apartment just got and of impress my girlfriend with this magical feature. ;)

LeJean says:

right person here to receive nice shiny gadget :D

VenomNX says:


mdg299 says:

Would love to win one of these!

Count me in!

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Jens Veraa1 says:

Very curious about this device!

ziaodix says:

I'll throw my name in the hat.

jmudrick says:

My daughter needs this bad.

yahoowizard says:

Mostly want one to get it sooner.

feakei57 says:

Ah shorrre cood youse won 'o them deeveyeses!

pocketz09 says:

I want one

vlad514 says:

I'd like to get one

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tc4001 says:

I want one of these so badly. Luck be a lady.

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mrbanks says:

My family would love this. Pick me

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Gotta love Android Central!

Mobius135 says:

This would be too cool to use for travel!

HalizDad says:


hornbroo says:

Cast one my direction please!

BlackiDLE says:

Oh yeah! Best of luck to all!

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alexgonz615 says:

I want one !!! Chromecast

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birdman1542 says:

Awesome, this would be great for sharing Youtube videos!

RodneyMalin says:

I wants on like .... right meow!

JerryF says:

Thanks for always having great give-a-aways!

dchawk82 says:

Yes, please!

Redwood49931 says:

One of these would be great!

Ricky Jung says:

Can I please have one!

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mrvizziato says:

Call it chrome key or chromecast, I want it in all it's chrome Glory! I want to be coolest kid in the neighborhood!

rcgaryk says:

Playing around with one makes me want this. Too cool.

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jmarkey77 says:

Tag, I'm in. Give me one!

Y'all are awesome for doing this...

Awesomer6 says:

Chromecast? Yes please

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priority9 says:

Would love one, sign me up. Please and thanks.

prettiboy46 says:

Pick me

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cam12687 says:

Hope I can win one.

deepak12723 says:


vperumal77 says:

Would love to have one :)

sgt-d says:

pick me!

And the winner is..... Meeeee!

lnx4tw says:

You guys are awesome! I can't wait to replace my ancient p4 tower with one of these little guys. Brilliant!!

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Grimeh says:

If this is open to the UK count me in :)

leszekp says:

2500+ comments already? Kind of a longshot, but ...

brindleoak says:

Yes Please

kgbj83 says:

I'm in.

Pravstar13 says:

Would love a Chrome cast especially as we can't buy them in the UK yet!! Got to love Google.

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ptheisen says:

I am ready for a Chromecast!

wbpo5l says:

Thanks in advance.

minimat44 says:

Gimme gimme gimme :D

Chanlion says:

I wouldn't mind owning one of the new products.

ambrodsky says:

I want one. Thanks.

austin4195 says:

Hope I win this, then time for some tinkering

TheRafeSCV says:

I want one!

One more try!

trainplane3 says:

Help a poor college student out!

AOEO says:

Chromecast is what I've been waiting for! I'm glad Google released a good product for Android AND Apple users. (I'm sorry windows phone users)

trevorutk says:

I'm in. Mine is backordered and sold out locally.

cjhutchi says:

Gimme gimme gimme! Gimme some more!

MrCheesecake says:

I'd love to have one of these since they're not available in the UK!

ledzepfan33 says:

Android Central has the best product giveaways/contests of any site I know of. Here's to hoping i'm one of the lucky winners! Cheers!

Raincat says:

Thank you in advance!

Pockets14_1 says:

You guys rock the Android world!

Chyeaaaa free stuff! So good to us.

Wonder if streams direct from WD MyBookLive without internet connection?

Vosa says:

Thx,androidcentral is awesom !!!!

Yes I am so in, without cable or satellite at home this would workout very good for me.

sorbe88 says:

Open to those of us in the UK?! Given we can't buy these over here yet getting one for free is the best option available!

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Would love to get one for my daughter. If I don't win (long shot)... may buy her and my son one for college. Great product and a great price! Good luck, everyone!

esmier says:

im in!

Bhillison says:

Gotta have one of those!

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They really do spoil us. You guys are the best.

gkasper44 says:

Word up

Convert2 says:

All in.

huawuban says:

Another contest!!! Hope I can finally win once....

Asi Dadon says:

I'm in!!!

lonpete67 says:

Really excited about the possibilities with Chromecast

gvsukumar says:

You Guys Are Awesome!

tmslv says:

pick me

Denich says:

Good luck for everybody! And me too :)

ezoliver says:

Worth a shot! I am waiting for the one I ordered to arrive.

badboy#AC says:

Thanks for every thing you do and have done for years Android Central. That's coming from an original AC member. Keep up the fantastic work!

KBLOM says:

Would love the old Nexus Q, but hopefully one of these will be able to fill the gap

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bp3dots says:

Pick me, pick me!!

DeusEx says:

One please. :)

mowz9 says:


pnegron20 says:

I hope I'm lucky

John Alcock says:

Would love to try one of these out to see if they work over here in the UK!

Stormboli says:

Android Central rocks! <3 Google

nsnsmj says:

Thanks for the giveaway!

dragonsamus says:

Pick me!

kymoon says:

Hell yeah!

happyT says:

So its your fault they're all sold out huh?

walhalla says:

Thanks for making these available. Hope one comes my way...

I promise I will Chromecast Android Central to all my friends and family! I never win anything so PLEASE!!!!

grjones63 says:

Would be great addition to my entertainment system! Thanks for the giveaway!

I want one :P

i want 1

natehoch96 says:

Would love to win one of these things, thanks!

goosew says:

I would love some of this wifi goodness.

Thanks so much guys.

mptp says:

I'll happily dump TouchWiz and AllShare for a Chromecast :-)

Peter Verver says:

I like to have one. New things are for me awesome. And I like to test them.

kC_ says:

As they're not in the UK yet would be nice to get some chromecast goodness here!

Yes please

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jmarsh88 says:

I'd love one please ^_^

phydeaux47 says:

That would be awesome, Thank you guys for all you do.

ronmisfeldt says:

I'll join the Chromecast lottery.

pappy53 says:

I want one! I want one!

Trixz_D says:

Great I love this device would love to own one :-)

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T3ch17 says:

I would love to have this! It would be a great upgrade to my current setup!

Cin Prime says:

This would make my setup so much simpler!

f.pradhan says:


strestout1 says:

Hook me up I tried to go to my local best buy and they're already sold out! Love you guys :-)

ichuck7 says:

This is a great opportunity! Thanks AC! Chromecast looks sweet.

josuebv91 says:

Can i have one? :)

David Hodges says:


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Guy Kenison says:

Would love to replace my old desktop hooked up to my hdtv. With a sleek new Google gadget!! Thanks for the cool contest!

OneWei says:

It would be nice to get one since I can't convince my wife that it's necessary tech! Help a poor med student out?

zeromaru says:

I really want one of these (and like usual, it''s not sold in Argentina)

Josh Wortman says:

Yes please!

hawksfan01 says:

I would love one!!

Edmarines says:

Wow, you guys are awesome. I'll keep my fingers crossed...

skribbles505 says:

fingers crossed for a win on this one!

Shimmy00 says:

This is really awesome of you guys and so many as well. 7. Love the site.

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shi bumi says:

Fingers crossed!

rockerjockey says:

Come on get lucky!

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Jeso says:

Ooo... i'd have one already if they were available in canada :(

shi bumi says:

Fingers crossed!

Fireman77 says:

Yes please.

rowdys03 says:

Throwing my hat in the ring. Thank you.

brendonsled says:

Yes please!!!

kpeste99 says:

ooh ooh ooh me me me me me me me {waves hands up in the air like he don't care}

Clocks says:

Thanks android central!

imadsani says:

me me me me, please? :P

dougson2 says:

OMG want! Sold out everywhere...

dextorboot says:

I want one please.

AC, you rock!

Would love to have one if you ship to India. Thanks.

You guys are awesome! I need this!

dannyd86 says:

I'm in, let's do this brah

ahmadshawki says:

I love you guys, but I will love you even more if I get this chromecast...

ianmtaylor says:

Yes please :) you are too good to us

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Mark Shanks says:

I'd love one! Can't get one in Canada yet.

silent_20 says:

Im in. Thanks

ilovemagic says:

I'm not seeing my comment so I'll try again.

Thanks for the contest!

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talicaotlw1 says:

My 10yr has been talking about it since it came out.

medmansri says:

I'd love to try this! thanks for the opportunity!

kenyee says:


hail2030#AC says:

It's Chromecastic!! :)

Yacer Mirza says:

its all out of stock, so maybe ill get one here.

shinjielric says:

Thank you for this contest. I was hoping someone would host one.

davemacd says:

Please and thank you.

libra68 says:

I wanna be a Chrome Gnome. :-)

Joe Bechely says:

count me in!

ujared says:

Yes! Would love one!

brytonic says:

Thanks for the chance!

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raksh15 says:

Please send me one so I can finally end the hostile environment I have to deal with every single time I visit one (I have three close ones) of my apple fanboy friends who have everything hooked up to their Apple TVs and swear by Airplay. I am gonna install Chromecast, have a streaming party over at my place and have them see the seamless handoffs between their iPhones, my Nexus 10 and Nexus 4 and my chromebook. Then, I am gonna give them the birdie!

Bedstraps says:

Would be great to get one of these.

Casey Helms says:

I would love to disconnect cable.

Shum M says:

i want oneeee ! :)

BlackiDLE says:

Did my post even go through? Let's try this again.

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airnything says:

I used to hate Google, all I have is apple products but when I tried nexus 4 I love it then I replaced my iPhone with that so on i replaced my iPad with nexus 7 and more to come, it would be nice to have chromecast for using with my phone tablet and laptop

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miguel4360 says:

Pick me please!!! THanks.

k4sw says:

Need one!

Cesar Leyva says:

I would love to win a chromecast!!!! I love androidcentral!!!!

PapiManCT says:

Lets go me want one lol

amartins02 says:

Better odds than the lottery...

Trekest says:


OVurt says:


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WMK3 says:

I need to wait till I get paid to get one. This however would be a pleasant alternative.

BrianDigital says:

Throwing my name in here so that someone else has a better chance.

It would be my luck that I would win (for the first time ever) something I can easily afford

Jmfell says:

Leave it to Android Central to treat us all to news and giveaways

aaronbudnick says:

Wouldn't that be nice!

Lester Combs says:

Very nice, now pick me.... :-)

The dood says:

Maybe if I won one of these, I could finally convert my family away from roku.

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bblair88 says:

Please pretty please I'll take one.

bibitteski says:

Please count me in to win this great new gadget.

nowigot9 says:

Thanks AC

Vegas863 says:

Another great giveaway... Thanks guys! Here's hoping I win.

tannerwood85 says:

Im on a waiting list for over a month I cant wait that long

SM ahmed says:

I want one ! can't even buy one in the UK, yet :(

pitchdarkice says:

could this be it? the winning entry? thanks AC!

Simon Giles says:

Be awesome to have it Aus before release! :-)

Posted via Android Central App

But does it blend?

I have one for pickup at Best Buy for Wednesday, but brother and his family desperately want one! Help us out Phil :-).

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WAM says:

Oh snap. Chrome cast me up Phil

Vivian Lobo says:

One more of the numerous attempts :) But someone from UK please, who will have to wait a hell of a lot longer. Thank you.

arturodelac says:

I would love one

joevarm says:

Thanks AC!

amobius says:

It puts the chromecast in the mailbox.

dmart5420 says:

Pick me, pick me.

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Neofire says:

Hey guys please toss one my way!!!

Posted via Android Central App

merizim says:

Would be delighted to see one of those on it's way to the Emerald Isle.

bbPrescott says:

Would love to have this for all our Android devices. Crossing my fingers...

bink204 says:

I never win a damn thing but I will give it a shot I guess.

Awesome would love to have one :D

Shiftastic says:

Can't but one in Canada so would love to win one

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Minh Thai says:

Chromecast! I want one!

bleached says:

Need Chromecast!

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Afterlife737 says:

Yeah Man ! :)

cdg341 says:

Pretty please!! Pick me!! :)

karta7 says:

I'd gladly pay you Tuesday for a free Chromecast today...

vitak124 says:

Yes, please. Thank you. :)

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shumon miahh says:

Hello hello helloooo :) CC > ATV :)

mwcooley99 says:

Sweet. Really want one of these.

evell269 says:


mikec8785 says:

Great contest!

khrima says:

Would love to fiddle with one of these

bryantwithat says:

Can't wait to get my hands on one of these!

velocity303 says:

I would love one please!

irgam says:

Me want!

Pshift4mac says:


bada big boom

abatt84 says:

Android Central is too generous!

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housetube says:

These look fun, count me in!

rezafab says:

Yes please!

You guys are awesome. I've been holding off buying a Chromecast until my new Nexus 7 comes in. :)

rc213 says:

I would to have one.

Matt Whipple says:

Looks cool

NickLippert says:

I'd like another.

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Cesar29 says:

Ready to Cast some AC on my TV!

Gator352 says:

WOOHOO! What a blast! I needs me a Google Chromecast!!

bryansiegel says:

Phil you're the best. I'm in.

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ksb63 says:

cool, would love one

ksb63 says:

cool, would love one

bender234 says:

Want one!!

bluefalcon13 says:

Free stuff is good. Especially cool free stuff :)

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Fillyo says:

Winner winner chicken dinner

Posted via Android Central App

MJM128 says:

Oh I could use one for the other room!

smokin221 says:

I'll take one

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Moo Cow says:

I'll take a stab at winning one. I'm interested in trying this device out.

galactic23 says:


bismark says:

Sold out at amazon and Google play store. Would love to win one now !!

shinobi177 says:

I'd love one of these for my tv

Definitely would like to win! Thanks for the chance!

Definitely would like to win! Thanks for the chance!

tx_tuff says:

Put me on the list!

Posted via Android Central App

novahob says:

Would love one off these :-)

Posted via Android Central App

Joe Garreck says:

Thanks for the opportunity

acuda27 says:

Oh yeah! I wants!

gogobarril says:

I don't know wether this will make it to chile but, i'm in! :D

Blackhole612 says:

I would love one to be able to use my tv now that cable doesnt work on it!

Magellan says:

Would love one to play with.

Posted via Android Central App

gsamit says:

Great offer. Hope to get hands on a chromecast dongle.

wilsonmoton says:

Please, please, and please!

alexwittmann says:

count me in Thanks

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Shadow53007 says:

This sounds great to have. Looks like it works perfectly!

PyroDroids says:

Would love to win one of these!

cjlosh says:

You guys are the best and Thank you,

I'M in!!!!

I would love it!! Thanks for the giveaway! Good luck everyone!

Verso says:

Pick me up, 29. 07 is my birthday

Posted via Android Central App

Hey! 7.31 is my birthday! Happy birthday!

muffstic says:

Sounds good

John Celery says:

yes plox

BroncoTed says:

It would be awesome to have this be my first giveaway win! Thanks!

persim says:

Chromecast Time

cjhpe says:

Would love to give one a try so pick me for one!

jlaskoskie says:

The force compels you to pick me as the winner. That is all.

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xvolk418 says:

Sweet, I'm in. You guys are awesome.

Alexander Volkman
Posted via the Android Central App

fabiantm says:

Choose me because I'm from Germany and I have no chance to get this thing here :(

BuJ_14 says:

Plz me, love you

Posted via Android Central App

Donald Salas says:

Just registered as a junior member. But, i'm a Senior citizen and would love to be the first one on the block to watch Netflix using Chromecast.

Bizdady says:


mithmal says:

great contest as always!

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joemontana57 says:

Pick me, pick me...:-)

RyanGrady says:

How did you guys get 7 of them?!?!?!? I cant even get one!

dra says:

awesome sweat deal.

armando_rod says:

Thank you Android Central :D

pretheeshmt says:

i need one :)

p5stover says:

Chromecast or bust!

Shreyas Sood says:

Epic guys! :D

Posted via Android Central App

paulsaz says:

Want one.

kgh00007 says:

Chromekey for me! :-)

Best hopes to win!!! Thanks

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Louis Moore says:

It's like that Kia song...but a "Chromecast for everyone" instead

sj710 says:

I'm in!

ady2k2000 says:

Pick me !!!! :-)