There are seven days in a week. No so coincidentally, we've got seven brand-new Chromecasts just sitting here, waiting for good homes. And we also have the Netflix three-month-free discount codes that go with them.

So, yeah. Let's give 'em away. One a day, actually, starting now. This one's open to anyone and everyone. Just leave a comment on this post through midnight Pacific time tonight. We'll pick a winner first thing Monday morning and contact 'em by e-mail.

And while you're at it, be sure to swing by our Chromecast forums, and be on the lookout for our full take on Chromecast in the next couple days.

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bcornell says:

Looks like it would be fun to play around with this.
Thanks for the opportunity to get a free one.

I sure would like one of these:)

Please I want one so bad but my car battery died on Friday and forced me to spend $100 on that. :(

prediscover says:

Let me get one!

RyanYaddow says:

Mmmm Chromecast...

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menji says:

Sure, I'm willing to give this the old college try.

Please pick me!!!

Dirge says:

Yay! I would be so grateful if I was able to win a Chromecast. :)

Jose Avina says:

Thank You Guys. I Want One.

DrScrubs says:

Love all the stuff you guys are giving out. Especially since these are sold out everywhere right now.

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cheynamark says:

I would like to win one. Something better than Comcast. Please pick me.

Troy.l says:

Ehh... What the heck. I've heard if you never pass a chance to win something, your chances increase significantly. Here goes nothing.

leons26 says:

I would love to have one, and free is even better than $35.

bnsrinivas1 says:

This will put my SONY TV for test with latest Chromecast...

boyercs says:

Yes count me in as well! Would love to play around with one of these

CarlosC951 says:

Awesome. I have been traveling from best buy stores and they are all sold out.

anikko says:

I'm looking forward to trying out a Chromcast.

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dkim06 says:


Count me in...

sar02 says:

In the Chromecast desert that is the UK. Fix me up please!

New!!!!!! I hope I win it! I really want one!!

ceart99 says:

In it to win it.

johnny8410 says:

Awesome contests this 7 and chromecast. Hopefully I win at least one of them.

jeffreii says:

How many weeks before Amazon ships my Chromecast? I'd rather have this one for free please! Thanks!

bizarobryan says:

If I don't win one I'll have to skip picking up diapers next week and snag one.

I want one

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jtio says:

Need me a chromecast so I can make my friends watch the Harlem Shake all day!

Me me

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joe767 says:

I want one.....

Mig_Wickert says:

Seriously, you guys are doing great things in the Android community.. Thanks for sharing the love and info.

Mattless says:

I'm in for a chance

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this is it

I'm in..i want one :)

1yowuzup says:


Jim Payne1 says:

Hot times.

thamenacing1 says:

I have the need to be in! And it's small enough to sneak past the wife! Yay technology!

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iPhoneTHS says:

I hope this works!

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This is such an exciting device for the money!

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adism says:

I'm in.

GiulioPerna says:

I'd like it so much

Heights713 says:

I need one for my new Nexus. Can I please get one? Preety please?

virkings says:

Want one!!

svitore says:

Chromecast? Yes please and thank you

AATroop says:

Oh man, I'd love one of these.

woody9692 says:

I'll take one!

sharkstyle says:

Read #3245, you are the winner! Popcorn. Woop woop.

DustL82 says:

Chromecast me!

dfdesign says:

I keep trying :)

JustinLock says:

Pick me, pick me, pick me!

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ChuloMan5 says:

I want one!

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NeoEGY says:

count me in

josecanyousi says:

I would love to have one!

i0sandman0i says:

pretty please?

Saving for a Nexus 7. But this looks so tempting. Haha

lafountain says:

Great contest for what looks to be a great item.

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Oookay! I'm in!

brianmazanec says:

AWESOME! Thank you for the continual awesome give aways!

bigtymer123 says:

Fingers crossed!

Burnt Toast says:

If you want to win... choose me!

amarriner says:

Fingers crossed..

gmen667 says:

OoOOoOhhh!! I want one!! :)

iGalione says:

1/7 is awesome... I will be content 6/7.

Crispityyy says:

Dearest Android Central,

I would love to get hooked up with one of these. Nothing more frustrating than living 5 mins away from El Goog in Mountain View, and not being able to just go pick one up!

Wicket says:

you guys are just too good to us! :D count me in on this one.

Chocoburger says:

Cool! Thanks for this chance! :)

tc416 says:

I am feeling lucky!! :-)

Gordy M says:

Thank you for the chance to win a ChromeCast!

bast525 says:

Do wants, do wants!

Comment entered. Win win!

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OmarTorres says:

I'm in.

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nice =]

totti_07 says:

Awesome...thanks for doing that!

tony bland says:

would love one, thanks

shaddd says:

Thank you Phil

junx6969 says:

Wow, I'd love one of these new Chromecasts to replace my old Logitech Revue (yes, I'm still using it ugh!)

CommonWisdom says:

Pick me

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llamaism says:

Do want.

kismet769 says:

Yes please!

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Buckeyes says:


Rubene66 says:

Yeahh wohoo :-)

davedev says:

Count me in :P

Let's do this.

etschuetz says:

What the, GIMME! I would love to have one of these!

icecoolfsu says:

I'd love a chromecast!

joshfixler says:

I want to win!!!

One of the product of the year I have to say.

Silvane says:

Count me in, please. :)

DarkWizard says:

Ok here we go

phlinuks says:

Aha! Yet another giveaway I'm bound not to win!

nadabass says:

I will gladly take one to use with my gear. I have a cross platform home.

tag617 says:


NilsonF says:

Would love the free Netflix for my son to watch cartoons

brivayla says:

Phil you are the man!!

Pwoxland says:

Pick me!

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SamOled says:

Yeah, what Smokeaire said: you mean this might be a faster way to get a Chromecast than the official retail channels? (As it has been for several previous product launches---thanks, Android Central!)

mrjayviper says:

want one! it's not available in my country :(

Murci3lago says:

Won't mind having one

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napmonstr says:

here's today's attempt for one!

Greenhithe says:

Would love to see how well this works in the UK..... ;-)

Hook me up

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tullywork says:

Help me, help you cast! :-)

squintyboy says:

i wanna try this thing out

Karl Maul says:


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thebrain2u says:

I need one of these babies!

CJongeling says:

You guys are great! Being in 'the rest of the world' means this is about the only opportunity to get one of these at moment

tillort says:

My only chance to get one here in the Netherlands (at least for the time being)

You guys are the best

njfairbanks says:

One for me please!

schaferan says:

Oh PLEASE!!! I want one soooo bad!

jpsak09 says:

I'm in for one

SanGo says:

dude, please!!

Not even sure what it is but im an android fan for life. #pleasepickme

mygain says:

Amazing product, thanks for all the updates

I'm feeling lucky...gonna have that...

AndrewSP37 says:


fordnando says:

Just once, I get to win something cool!

I'm in!

Si1versmith says:

Free seemd to attract alot of attention.

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Mattio322 says:

This thing looks awesome :) I'd be so excited to have one

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kmills3 says:

AC, I'll happily accept a chromecast as a early birthday gift!....about 7 months early but I'll love it the same!

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mhaner says:

Would love to win one.

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JQ says:

Would love one.....You guys Rock!

nation001 says:

If only I could win one of you're giveaways this would be it.....chromecast would be a great prize

kevinsturf says:

I want one! Seems very awesome!

Buddyro2975 says:

Dannng...over 5k comments...pick me pick me :)

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magickalmike says:

How wonderful!

DarrenAustAE says:

Send one downunder

Jerry Gooch says:

Chromecast on my Vizio would be amazing. Their "smart" TV leaves a lot to be desired.

TekNiKal says:

Thank you very much AC!

jakedark8 says:


DUDE! I want one

You guys really are awesome. Regardless whether I win or lose, it's great that you can do things like this to keep AC fans coming back each and every day.

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Count me in

MC_Android says:

I would love one!

The_Martin says:

Yes please I would love one and they're not available in Australia yet (but hopefully will be sometime).

smeekheff says:

i would love one of these !!

Adam Garbacz says:

Oh dear God, yes please.

cancel_out says:


Ventus221 says:

I would love one !!! you guys are the best :D

kojak39 says:

I can't wait to get one.

juiced718 says:

May I please I one? I'd really appreciate is..

Madestric says:

you guys are too awesome!

KennyC78 says:

Me please. :)

Joe Arroyo says:

Put some hot sauce on my burrito babay! I'm in.

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AkshatNz says:

10 points to AC for not having to jump through hoops just to be able to enter a contest!

CapnDap says:


David Byrne says:

I'll provide it a good home. Walk and feed it every day and even take it to visit other TV's in the NYC area.

edurjbr says:


DG-08 says:

Cool gesture, thanks a bunch!

ppthomps says:

I would love to get one of these!

jcoolkatzerg says:

I'd love one! :D

AlternEgo says:

I want one, looks good.

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octacolover says:


SoCalMario says:

I want one!! Please Android Central?? SAVE THE CHILDREN!!!!

ericfultze says:


hankspurs says:


s3lambert says:

Cast me in...

procure says:

Hope I win!

It'd be fun to check one out.

dazzikojm says:

Hook a brother up!! :)

glyn.hudson says:

Boom! Loving this

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rviyer says:

Please oh pretty please!

Please sir, can I has chromecast? **puppy dog eyes**

twillist says:

pick me!

Chromecast is exactly what I've been wanting for Android!

revliscrazy says:

Best. Forum. EVER.

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souzavic says:

Please I totally need this

prophoto1 says:

love to have one!

msalsaeed says:

I would love one.. Thanks

adfrancis says:

Me likely Chromecast :)

Murben5 says:

I'm in!!

idlepaw says:

Pick me!

Chad1369 says:

Gimme one!

toroman says:

I'll take one.!!

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deltasig says:

consider me in

Indyrobb says:

Pick Me!

Rmac2 says:

Want it.

Steve prater says:

Put my name in the hat.

dmmacs says:

I'm in.

It would be fun bribing some fellow classmates to allow the use of this and my Netflix for doing my homework. I'm in I'm in I'm innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pdiddyfan says:

This would be so much better than my digital tv.

robiroki says:

Posting, this would be great to have!

sirbagin says:


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ILLmatic173 says:

would def love to win this...;) i hope i win something in this lifetime haha

cdawg4501 says:

ME ME ME!!!!

vudude says:

Sign me up.

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lt thistle says:

Oh I'm in

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Yes please! Everywhere else is sold out!

I would love one, although I think it could only supplement my Roku, for now.

fishline says:

Me, me, me!

likwidkool says:


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clemsoncat says:

Please pick me; my husband is the best programmer ever! He'd love this!

BudmanNC says:

Me! Me! I want one!

Kic360 says:

Looks like the chromecast is sold out everywhere,think I will move the appletv to the guest bedroom and chromecast for entertainment system.

"Chromecast is not available in your country."
Ok that's a cheap tactic but hey, comment!

cspeacock says:

This little gem is the perfect solution for our Netflix & Google Play habit. Odds are against me but I'm still in for a chance to win one of these...considering they've become hard to get from Amazon or the Play Store.

Sharppay says:

it would be great to finally won something here!

BigpappaJ says:

Sounds Awesome :) I'll take one of those bad boys!!
Thanks for all your work guys.

Teethmahoney says:

I could really use this. Thank you for the consideration. :)

gburns says:

I love you guys

Merschz says:

Hook a poor kid up.

igeekman says:

Android Central is the Best!!!

dwieners says:

Missed opportunity to buy this by being stuck in meetings all day when it was announced! would love to get a Chromecast with the Netflix deal still available!


cwestpha says:

If I include a tip can I get two entries? Was at Best Buy yesterday picking up my Nexus 7 (2013) and found out the Chromecast was being deleted from BestBuy's IMS. The cashier said this normally happens when items are being discontinued or there are no plans from corporate for there being new stock. Nuuuu!

StuMcBill says:

I am teh chr00mecazt00rs!!!

No, seriously, I would love to win one of these!!

Keep up the good work AC Team!! Fantastic work and coverage of all the goings on over the last week. Looking forward to seeing your coverage of the Moto X stuff!!


I'm in

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jazz1266 says:

me too

habanero says:

I would love to win one. I can't wait 3-5 weeks.

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Athenalod says:

I'm in!

andrew202 says:

I want one please. I never win anything.

AstroValia says:

Crossing my fingers! Pick me please!! :)

I suppose if it's free then it's for me.

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lyk13 says:

Been trying to get this off online with my new Nexus 7 purchase from Best Buy, to no avail. Even a friend that lives locally in the US says the Best Buy outlet closest to him is sold out. Oh the agony....

Yeah crossing fingers. Thanks Android Central!

Jorge Jara says:

I had to register to comment! Im in!!

rbilello says:


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imstillalive says:


Divegeek says:

This little thing looks sweet

ajiamarie says:

This would be a nice anniversary gift. Good luck everyone!

DroidRat says:

AC is Chromecastic!

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ebocioj says:

Woo !!! Pick me

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fugue00 says:

Ah snap! Looks like I'll have to cancel my order! =D

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Se7enth says:

Woot! Send one my way. =D

sox08 says:

Id love some dongle ;)

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Winner winner chicken dinner

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razicstan says:

Wooh, lemme get one of those :D

Pick me! I hate everything about Apple! I would never buy any of their products. I love everything about Google and Android. I want this Chromecast so bad! Please!

Oooh pick me! I'd love to get one!

zed984 says:

Me! Can't get it in Canada..!

ddre says:

Hold up!!! I'm in too

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nkhdk says:

I'm in too :o)

utahg8r says:

I would love to win one

6ftjesus says:

Got ta have it. I can't wait for Amazon to restock.

navbains says:

chromecast ftw!

I'm in too!!

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mmdotking says:

I'm in!

firsttimedan says:

I would like to have one... thank you!!!! oh yeah... PLEASE

Timothy Chin says:

Would love to have one! Pick me!! :)

Here is my comment! :)

ostran40 says:

YesI would like one Please!

cessnao3 says:

I'd love to win one of these! Thanks!

Kris Owens says:

comment.... I hope this please let me win

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dcmbullet says:

If I win I will donate $50 to the charity of AC choice

Lizliz91 says:

Awesome. That would make my day.

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bigtank says:

This would so allow me to stream my collection of "videos" to my TV in me and my wife's bedroom....hmmmmmmmmm

Fairclough says:

Yes. There unavailable over here

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Derek Deleon says:

I want 1 pls

Posted via Android Central App

Yes Please. That's what I said.

Ajackson2046 says:

One in a million but I really hope I ggey picked.

takeout says:

Oh, Hey There.

ispanish says:

Nice, didn't get the luck to buy one.

davidkerkes says:

This would be very nice!

SShadow1974 says:

Me... MEEEE... Pick ME! ;)

fguills says:

I want one!

Posted via Android Central App

Wow, I would murder someone for a free Chromecast!

bryanw504 says:

I'll take one off your hands

Posted via Android Central App

I've never won anything. Pick me please.

marioc says:

I have one on backorder and would love to get one sooner.

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pstellato73 says:

Count me in

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milimbar says:

oooooo i could use a few of these!

TheNexusMan says:

I love Android Central!

Would like to win a chromecast, this device is not available in my country.

D-Caf says:

Sure, would love to have one, bonus with the netflix!

FFSJared says:

You guys are so generous. Thank you for all you do!

ViolentVixen says:

Posting obligatory comment.
Yay for free stuff.

kcoan3 says:

Me me me please!!

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Kunzie says:

I'm interested!

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Laxw09 says:

I would definitely like one of these!

snowbound says:

I'd be interested in finding out what this thing can do in my house.

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evostudios says:

Winning comment wooooooooot!

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serrawg says:

Sign me up!!

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ma5aru says:

I wouldn't mind having a chromecast :)

Rob_S. says:

I'll take one please!

chawoogie says:

I love these contests, count me in!!

Shadowmomb says:

Would love to try this Chromecast! Thanks for the giveaway

DaouM says:

thanks again AC

faceless says:

i am so in!

viper80134 says:

I'm in, thank you

jprins68 says:

Yay! Thanks AC!

Mlaf says:

I would like one please

Enderend says:

Yes, please!

vladtdr says:

it would be weird to win ...

Jon Laberge says:

Awesome give away. I recently converted to Android, what better way to fully complete the transition than with another Google Product

juvogel says:

Rather have this than am Apple TV!

BRM says:

Never say never

LSIII says:

I hope I get picked, the Chromecast would work perfect for my current situation!!

Danv1369 says:

I win.... I hope

ekincaid says:

I want one!

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F4tB4st4rd says:

Wow, If I won one of these I might just have a reason to buy a TV!

cellobrian says:

I could get rid of my Wii if I won one of these!

I wouldn't mind having one :)

kemifo says:

I need this.

rtjenkins says:

You guys rock! Thanks.

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djzaelke says:

Oh yes! I would love one of these things.

Oleg Lovky says:

I never win anything.

Kiwimoose says:

I want one :)

ogtra says:


danielkx says:

count me in

brentj says:

Muchas Gracias, señores!