As promised in May, owners of Chromebooks can now view any movies or television shows they have rented or purchased from Google Play offline for the first time.

However, that was not the only new addition for ChromeOS users in an update that was released Thursday. Google also announced that Info Cards will now show up for anyone watching a select number of movies from the Chrome browser. This will give film fans additional information on some of the movies when the clip is paused.

In addition, the company claims the update brings users improvements for Chromecast, along with a better local playback experience, for watching movies in the Chrome browser, although specifics were not revealed.

This is certainly a big update for Chromebook owners and makes their devices less reliant on WiFi connections for performing tasks. Do you think the addition of offline mode for Google Play Movies and TV in ChromeOS will make Chromebooks more attractive to consumers?

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Watch your Google Play movies and TV shows offline on your Chromebook


I don't think it'll make it more attractive in a significant way, but I also don't think it's going to hurt.
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Huge step forward, just needs the next update to allow download to sd as standard built in storage of 16gb in most Chromebooks doesn't provide much space to carry many movies if you expect to be offline for an extended period. If it can be done in the play music app in chrome os movies should also offer it.

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I am definitely loving this update. I'm moving away from Apple/iTunes and this puts things more in line with what I expect.

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I still don't know a single soul with a Chromebook around here. I don't know what Microsoft is worried about.
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In the areas they are targeting (low end consumer, education) chromebooks are doing reasonably well. The time to confront the challenge for Microsoft is now, before they become more entrenched.

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Not sure if you're in college, but I'm a senior at GSU and I see them around fairly often. Not as frequently as regular laptops, of course, but I definitely see a few every semester.

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For me, it's huge. Chrome OS has needed this. It's one less thing I need Linux to do on my Chromebook.

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Watching Google Play Movies offline is a great addition. Hopefully more can be done offline with future updates.

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I've been looking into getting a Chromebook does anyone have any recommendations for a nice affordable one on a college student budget

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Look up the Acer C720 line. Great devices for as low as $200. Going all the way up to $400 gets you a bit more ram and even a touch screen.

I bought a Dell Chromebook 11, the 4 GB model, last month and I love it! It's a little heaver then the Acer at around 2.7 pounds, but still a hell of a lot lighter then my work laptop. The 4 GB model is $299 and a heck of a lot easier to find then the 4 GB Acer C720. Since it's built for the education market, it's spill resistant, and has a protective coating over the screen to protect it from scratches and cracks. The soft rubberized coating gives it a lot of grip. Finally with a Haswell processor and 4 GB of memory, it seems to have plenty of power for Chrome OS.

This is not the last killer app, but man was it a necessary step. Until yesterday the only way to watch a purchased item on Google Play on a destkop was either in 360 or 480p through youtube, which is obviously not what people want to to.

Now there's a chrome app that works on Chrome OS and Windows (I would assume Mac as well but i havne't turned my MBA on) that lets you watch the videos. Never mind being able to keep them offline even being able to watch them in 720p is a huge step.

Now if they'd only release chromebooks with more than 16GB storage.......

I would think it makes them more attractive to people that travel a lot, or travel with kids. Onboard storage is going to limit that offline library big time though. For this I wish they would release a Chromebook with at least 128 Gig.

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They probably won't because it defeats the whole concept of the Chromebook which is the cloud, but you can always upgrade your drive to 128gb.

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