Chrome App Launcher

The Chrome App Launcher is an easy shortcut to all your Chrome apps

You've probably heard talk about Chrome desktop apps. It's something Google is trying that allows some Chrome apps or extensions to be used stand-alone in their own sandbox that run like any other desktop application would. The jury is still out on how effective or popular this will be, but it's something worth having a look at if you're a Chrome user on any platform.

To facilitate things — running stand-alone apps, but having to launch them from the browser defeats the purpose — Google has made the Chrome App Launcher available. On a Windows computer we can find it in the system tray, but on the Mac it will plop itself right into your dock. Once there, you can treat it like any other dock shortcut. You can dismiss it if you hate it, or set it to open automagically at login if you love it. Move it around, mistreat and abuse it. Just like any other app shortcut.

When you click on it, you'll see a list of all your chrome apps. Some of them, like Google play or Google+ will open in a regular browser window. Others, like Keep or Pocket, will open in their own window that can be minimized.

Getting things set-up is easy enough. Just point your Chrome browser at the "For your desktop" collection in the Chrome Web Store, and installing any of the apps will place the launcher in your dock. From there, it's all up to you.

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Reader comments

Chrome App Launcher now available for Mac


I understand how this works and all, but I don't see the need.

If I navigate to a web app and click Menu > Tools > Create Application Shortcuts, it does exactly what I want it to - my web app now acts exactly like a standalone program installed in Windows.

Why do I want another Start button to access my programs?

Now if only the launcher weren't such a mess. Get with it, Google.
* Why can't I have a bigger launcher? My screen is huge and the launcher is tiny.
* Why can't I organize apps into groups/folders? I can do it on my phone and on my desktop.
* Why can't I remove things from the launcher without removing them from Chrome? Of the items on my launcher, 4 of them actually launch apps while the other 22 are just browser shortcuts but I already have a shortcut bar with all of those things.
* Why can't I add other shortcuts to the launcher? If 85% of the things on the launcher are just shortcuts, that means somebody thinks the launcher is a better way to launch shortcuts so let me add my own shortcuts to it.
* Why can't I see a list of my app in the launcher rather than the big, silly icons? I know Google is allergic to looking like MSWindows, but don't punish me just because you don't want to look like MS.