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Barnes and Noble have updated the Nook app for Android, giving high resolution devices (read: tablets) support for magazines as well as a few bug fixes for the HTC Thunderbolt and Android 3.x (Honeycomb) devices.  It works nicely, and the additions have been made without cluttering or changing the user-friendly interface that the Nook app is famous for.

Open the updated app, and in the "shop" section you'll have the entry for magazines, where you can subscribe, manage subscriptions, or just download a single issue.  The prices are competitive (A National Geographic subscription runs $1.99 monthly) and the format works great for reading.  You select and download your current issue, tap to open and simply browse through just as if you had a paper copy in your hands.  When you want to read an article, you simply tap a button in the upper right corner and a new window opens with all the content.  It's a great way to skim the content and focus on the pictures, and then go back and read the articles at your leisure. The app itself is free, and runs on Android 2.1 or higher.  We've got a few more pictures and the download link after the break.

Thanks, Max for the tip!

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B&N Nook app for Android updated with magazine support


been hoping for this on a big tablet as soon as I got a nook color, honestly never thought it would happen. Thanks B&N they obviously "get it"

Yes welcomed changes. They kinda changed landscape reading though. Its not like it used to be I don't know how to explain it but yea someone might know what im talking about.

I would love if Wired Magazine became available, or if it is already available. Guess I'll find out later

Yes, Magazines work on the NookColor with the stock firmware. But if you flash to CM7 you had to rely on the Nook App from the Market since you lost the B&N launcher/reader/etc. The Nook App didn't previously support magazines (or Nook Kids books) but they added Magazine support, so now people running alt. firmwares can view their subscriptions on their non-stock devices.

How about the kids "read to me" books?
I'll have to try later and see, but this is the last thing I need to get working to be able to use CM7 all the time.
For now I have to keep the stock just for the kids books.

Yeah, that was my problem too. My wife has an iPad 2 though and they have a nook kids app, so luckily I was able to convert my NC to a tablet. But that held me back for a while.

how dumb is that the National Geographic have a big message in the front that the magazine is made to works best in landscape mode, when some features only available in portrait mode.

That's great news. :) I have a friend who was thinking of getting a cheap tablet who this would probably be perfect for. The magazine support of the Nook Color was the one thing forcing her to spend $250 rather than $100.

Nook magazines are annoying, as unlike the iPad offerings, can't share a print and tablet subscription at all. I subscribe to a number of magazines (wired, economist, espn) that I'd be able to use for free on the iPad, but can't use on my nook without paying again. At least sports illustrated has their own app.

Hmm, are magazines only supported on tablets or certain devices? It doesn't show up in the Shop on my Atrix. Neither do magazines I've already purchased on my Nook Color.

So, no support on the nook Android app for the "Read to Me" Nook Kids books? That's kinda ridiculous considering that B&N has a Nook Kids app on iOS.