Samsung Gem on Bluegrass Cellular

Been wondering where the Samsung Gem is headed? Wonder no more, as it's appeared on regional carrier Bluegrass Cellular for the low, low price of $59 on contract. But for our money, we'd just buy this sucker at its outright price of $205 and skip the mess of contracts. That said, you're getting an entry-level Android phone, with Android 2.1, a 3.2MP camera and 3.2-inch touchscreen, all powered by an 800MHz processor. So it'll get the job done, but likely not win any awards doing it. One more pic after the break. [BluegrassThanks, @ibegary!

Samsung Gem on Bluegrass Cellular


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Bluegrass Cellular gets Samsung Gem for a mere $59 on contract


Too cool! Bluegrass Cellular is our little regional-carrier-that-could. I see phones for other regional guys featured on here often, but I've always wondered if BG Cell would ever make it. I don't use them because their hardware selection has always been poor, but if they start getting good phones, move up to 4G, and keep their reasonable rates, around here you can't come close to their coverage!

Good on you Bluegrass Cell!