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There seems to be a crop of fake apps from “Apple Inc” on the Google Play store. The six apps are masquerading as Apple’s Garageband (erroneously called Garage Band on the faked version), iPhoto, iMovie, Keynote, Numbers and Pages.

They are priced similarly to the legit versions on the iOS store for the iPad and iPhone, so it only makes it seem more authentic. It seems some users have already paid for and downloaded these apps, so please beware.


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Beware: Fake Apple apps on Google Play


Crazy. I guess these developers are hoping to cash in on the iOS users moving over to Android. So sad how Google isn't on top of these things quickly to delete them from the store.

Silly people, Apple would never make an ...Android app... *theatrical shudder*
More to the point, one may want to elaborate - are the apps malware, or substandard ripoffs? Not that I'd pay for 'em... >_<

That would be a lot of work for them would it not? And they're not gonna give them away for free which a lot of Android users look for.

No... Android users tend to look for apps that are priced in line with their value. If the app actually does something useful they'll pay. They for instance aren't going to pay 3 bucks for an app that bookmarks websites or 2 bucks for a grocery list app just because they are "beautiful" yet lack even basic useful features.

Honestly, how did these get through Google? You would think they'd have those flagged as copyrighted names.

If people paid for the app, then why not just click refund within the 15 min marker. Means you return the app and get your money back and the scammers make no money...

People who discover the app is a scam and keep it after 15 mins honestly deserve to be scammed.

Let's take that a bit further. People who fall for the Apple apps on Google Play Store deserve to be

Apple will go like
You should have been monitoring the store (like we do), so it's your fault that these apps are available for sale. Now that our rights to our innovative names are infringed upon, you must pay us $1 trillion!

The one true logical app if a Android app was made by Apple would be the Apple Store app. Either way it's a win/win for them selling you an iPhone via an Android app.

People should have some common sense. C'mon, Apple hates Android! You'll probably see them make their apps for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT before you should even imagine them making their way into Android.