Verizon Samsung Gem Best Buy

Whoopsie. Looks like when Best Buy showed off the Verizon Samsung Gem in its buyer's guide, it did so a little prematurely. It's unknown whether the correction you see above means the phone's not happening, or if it's just postponed. Stay tuned, folks. Thanks, bxojr.

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BoNg420 says:



For real people don't shop at Best Buy, they don't know anything and hire any retard off the street. They will lie to you because they don't know what they are talking about or just to sell you a product. Also they bother the hell out of you trying to upsell you warranties or accessories.

Uncle Louie says:

I've heard that milage may very depending on the store. I've bought four phones at Best Buy (my Pre and Evo, and two Pixi's for family) and haven't had an issue. And not having to deal with a rebate is fantastic.
I'm sure that it helped that I went in knowing exactly the phone(s) that I wanted. I've been in the same store browsing laptops, and it was like a swarm of bees.

caliesv says:

Wow! Mad at best buy much fella? Maybe you should do your own homework on products before you run out and buy something. I never had an issue with them. And I don't think I ever will. So, feel free to come shoot me.