Belkin updates WeMo app with new WeMo Light Switch features

Belkin has updated their WeMo home automation apps for iOS and Android with a few new features. Chief among them is a long-press option for their Light Switch, which is recognizable through the popular IFTTT service. There are also new controls to recognize sunrise and sunset, and an away mode which flips the lights on and off randomly to make it look like someone’s home.

WeMo extends beyond just light switches, though; they’ve got a whole family of products that let you make just about any home appliance really, really smart. Motion sensors, wall plugs, light bulbs, and even partnerships for slow cookers and air conditioners make for a truly unified home system. Check out our review of the WeMo Light Switch to get a feeling for how everything works.

If you’re interested in giving WeMo a try or updating your system, here are a few places to get started. Anyone have a WeMo system already? How are you digging it?

Source: Belkin


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Belkin updates WeMo app with new WeMo Light Switch features


I have a WeMo but I feel like there have to be better options. The mobile apps are very clunky and look like they spent 1 day making it. Sometimes it drops WiFi signal despite being only 5 feet away.

Their support staff know how to say "uninstall" and similar words and seem to know of the apps many flaws including in design but given the app hasn't moved much from a rating of "2.8" (and I suspect all 5 stars are from Belkin staff), their developers either never hear of this or they don't care. Rules and everything is on the cloud probably indexed by device ID, this means the rules won't work if the cloud/network is unavailable and don't let you backup/edit the configuration online. The app frequently dies or hangs, the hangs appear to be because the Belkin cloud is frequently problematic.

I bought the Light Switch and the regular Switch on Black Friday. Set up was a breeze (need to set up on a 2.4 GHz router band, but can control through 5 GHz band.) But after a firmware update in late January, remote access didn't work. But Belkin customer service did call me within 3 days after contacting them via their support forum. Turns out their servers needed to be reset. No problems ever since. I use both Android and iOS software, and they are now pretty comparable. The new Rules are much better. Yes, this is a bit confusing, and resetting the devices is a total pain, but the only other option is Plum which is twice the cost and not available yet, but will allow 3 way light switches (you will need 2 switches). If the switches cost $20 each, more people would use them. I just control my front porch and a room lamp. Very simple. I do agree that the app is not the most elegant. But I was just in Bermuda and could turn the lights on and off and change my rules from outside of the country. This is early in the home networking game.