Samsung Captivate Glide

AT&T this morning announced that the Samsung Captivate Glide -- the 4-inch QWERTY we first saw about a year ago -- will get its update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich starting this Sunday. It doesn't look like it'll be made available over the air -- it's still 2012, right? -- and instead you'll have to go to a Samsung update page, which at the time of this writing still says the update is on hold. 

Source: AT&T


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AT&T's Samsung Captivate Glide gets Ice Cream Sandwich on Nov. 10


Yes, in 9/12 it was available but I read that it got put on hold to fix some issues that users were reporting and got put on hold.

It became available for a couple days and as I said in the previous comment the bug was causing the android.process to force close after a call. A patch was sent out yesterday for the phones that did install the update.

Source: I work in a cell phone store and personally updated the phone to ICS.

So it's NOT been available for a couple months or so. It was available for two days and pulled.
Source: I tried to update my wife's phone, and it was no longer available.

Samsung released ICS for the Captivate Glide back in early September. The keyboard backlight stopped working after the update, and some users had crashes after using the phone. Samsung pulled the update one week later and this week they released an OTA patch for those of us who did download the original ICS upgrade when it was available.

What will happen tomorrow is that the new ICS upgrade will become available again for those users who did not upgrade back in September and who are still stuck in Gingerbread.

Would love to know how successful the upgrade is. Does it improve the performance? Will tackle my Daughters here soon- just curious what I should expect.

So far so good I have had no problems but remember to back up with kies before the update or a good amount of your data/settings could be lost keyboard back lights work better then before the first upgrade in sept crashed my phone completely thankfully I still was able to do a instore swap out