Party Your Apps Off

So there's a little event coming up in a couple of weeks in San Francisco. It's called Google IO, and if you somehow haven't heard of it, it's Google's yearly app developer conference. Lookout Mobile Security is hosting their annual "Party Your Apps Off" event at a top secret location in downtown San Francisco on the night before Google IO begins, June 26. Last year's party was amazing with free food, unlimited drinks, tons of Android giveaways, and of course awesome people to mingle with. This year is going to be even better, because on top of the free food, drinks, and incredible giveaways, the Lookout team will have some passes to the exclusive Ninja Party at DefCon in July to hand out, as well as a photobooth, one of the city's best Food Trucks, and more! You never know, you might even run into Phil or one of the other Android Central guys at the party!

Lookout has provided us with 20 passes to the Party Your Apps Off event to pass on to you guys. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling us why you should be chosen, we'll pick winners Sunday night and announce them on Monday. The lucky winners will receive two passes to the party (so you can take a friend, yay!) but that's it. This is not a pass to the conference, and it doesn't come with a hotel room or transportation. If chosen you are responsible for all of those things so keep that in mind. You don't have to be attending Google I/O to attend the party, but you do have to be in San Francisco on June 26th. Also, the party is 21 and older only, so take that into consideration.

That's it. Let us know in the comments why we should pick you! 


Reader comments

Are you ready to Party Your Apps Off?


Hoping you pick me! I am a very satisfied Google fan and am *loving* my HTC EVO 4G LTE (such a worthy successor to my EVO 4G!) :) Either way, have a great time and I'm looking forward to your coverage of the I/O Conference!

This I think would be the only way I could ever attend an event like this! Oh I would love to be chosen!!!!

Bummer that's it's a week day. I was thinking about taking a little road trip up to SF around the end of the month, but I don't think it's gonna happen on the 26th. Have a great time!

I went to the Lookout party last year and would love to go again this year! Plus Android Central is the best! Pick me for the tickets guys and I'll represent!

I am a student seeking who is high on android everyday and a trip to DefCon or Google I/O would be amazing! I went to Defcon last year which was great but my parents said they weren't planning on taking by brother and me to anymore =[ Defcon or GOOGLE I/O would be a dream come true! please please please android central and lookout!

This contest isn't for tickets to Defcon or Google I/O. Its for the Lookout party, and for a party at Defcon.

I've been using Lookout since I had my g1, I would love to get to meet the team. Also, I will be in Vegas for Defcon, so the party pass for July would be great.

I am a developer who will be attending Google IO and I LOVE talking to smart, interesting people at parties! After a long day of attending sessions, nothing is better than unwinding with my peers drinking free booze juice and swapping war stories. The Lookout Mobile Security team knows how to party! Food truck, open bar and cool dev's galore make this a not to be missed event. Mark your calendars and please invite me to your rockin' party!

Just moved to Google's hometown (Mountain View, CA) recently! Looking to tap into the Android scene and start putting my skills to work around here. I missed out on Google I/O tickets, but would love to take part in anything around the SF area during the event. I still consult for several clients at this time and would love to get the inside info on some new stuff! I have 4x EVO4G's 1x EVO3D 1x Logitech Revue and 2x Samsung GT 10.1's if that helps make a difference. (Aka. Super Android Fan!)

Please I would love to go I couldn't afford to go to Google IO. However I am an aspiring developer. I live and breath android. It would mean a lot if my first contest won here was to this amazing event.

I follow everyone of your posts here and am an Android fanatic! Just got stationed in Fairfield, Ca so I'm only 30 minutes from San Francisco, would love some tickets and would show my new (Android interested) fiancee an awesome time! Always keeping my eye out for the newest and hottest apps, accessories, hardware and software for Android so if you're looking to drop a couple tickets look no further!


I would love to go to this event. In a company that was born from iOS, I am constantly spearheading Android against multiple Apple fanboys. Show some loyalty to those that have shown loyalty to you :)

I'm an android developer who just moved out to the Bay Area. I would love to go to the party and meet some new, interesting people out here.

Going to my first Google I/O, coming all the way from the right coast (Virginia). I would love to attend this event!

I'm an SF native who's been lurking around on the site since it's beginning and preaching the word of Android since day one (the G1 STILL has the best keyboard ever!). I'm not much of a party goer, but I think this would be my kind of crowd. I'm in cell phone sales, I listen to every podcast, and always recommend to customers when they need to get some unbiased info on their device.

Basically, PICK ME! I wanna party with the REAL cool kids!

Pick me, I will wear my Google Android Zip up Hoodie
Pick me, I will actually attend. ( I'm driving distance )
Pick me, I enjoy adult beverages and parties.
Pick me, Android fan since G1.
Pick me, I will stop world hunger with no new taxes.

I never used to consider myself a "tech" person but ever since I got my first Android smartphone I've been hooked. I recently relocated to CA and work in and around the bay area and rely heavily on my Android throughout the work day. If I ever want or need some info on a new phone or my current one, apps, games, accessories, etc., Android Central is my go-to source.

Having only lived here for about 6 months it would be a great opportunity to get out, have some fun and interact with people with some common interests! I definitely wouldn't let those tickets go to waste!

I already get the privilege to go to Google IO this year, so you should give me the privilege of going to this Lookout party. =) I was there last year, and it was pretty kick-ass. Thanks for all the great work you guys do AndroidCentral!

Pick me...Can't wait for my first I/O conference. Drinks are good...I'm a good time at a party and can easily be taken advantage of...though no one (not even my wife) really will.

I will be going to Google io all the way from Bolivia a small country in south america. I will be probably the only bolivian guy i could use these tickets to make some friends :-) please let it be me so i can bring nice memories back to my country :-)

Pick me pick me! Me and my fellow android nerd friend will go for sure. We live in SF. Aside from me and my friend, our whole friend circle is swamped with fruit users, so we really have to have each other's backs.

You should pick me because I'm an OG droid owner and I will support Android for life. And to visit an event for Google would be icing on the cake. And its all because of Android Central!

I think I should be chosen...cause I need a good Android party to toss the good times I'll have to my iPhone friends hahaha

Because I deploy to the Middle East in August and need some good memories to hold onto while there.....and I want to show off my OG Dinc to all the cool kids haha!

I'll be in the neighborhood, I would enjoy a chance to drop in. Starting the conference off with a bang would be... well, a bang.

I don't live near SF but I happen to be in town for 2 days stiarting the 26th for a business conference. I will blow off my business event to party my apps off with you and my new Sammy GSIII in hand (assuming AT&T delivers the week of the 18th as promised). Thanks for your consideration.

I didn't register for I/O because my Android buddy said he couldn't go; a couple weeks later he told me he ended up getting tickets for himself. Maybe I will take him to the party.... Maybe

If I get piceked, I'll be trying to convert a blackberry user. Her name is Mary Jane. We should get picked just because of her name haha

I'm coming in from Hawaii for a meeting on the 25th and have the night of the 26th free. I'll be the guy wearing the stylish aloha shirt. :-)

I live 3000 miles away from this event. But I'd be willing to find transportation and stay to make this trip happen! I have a friend that I am overdue for a visit. I think taking him (fellow Android user) to this event would be the perfect thank you for letting me stay in San Fran!

I'll be traveling from Canada to San Fran with my GNex that week to see my girlfriend ... what better way to convince her to ditch her iPhone than accompanying me there seeing tons of people with awesome Android devices?

Why should I be picked?!

BECAUSE I HAVE THE SOUL OF A THOUSAND SUNS BURNING INSIDE ME! Furthermore, since the advent of the cotton gin in 1793, I can assure you that not only would I attend fully clothed, but clothed in a garb that will cause even the most chaste woman to crumble into fits of passion. I will not only enter with an army of spider monkeys, but they will all be well versed in the art of Kabuki, so you KNOW I got class.

These reasons, and many more can all be yours, should I be able to attend.

(Note: Some of that might be a total fabrication, but what the hell I live in the bay and dig this sort of thing.)

You should give me tickets. I live in San Francisco. Chicks dig me because I rarely wear underwear and when I do, it's usually something unusual.

I am a web and mobile developer in Atlanta and I'm going to I/O and I will be out in SF from the 22nd to the 30th! I would love to go to the Party Your Apps Off event. I'm trying to do my best to become more integreated into the mobile community and this would be a great oppertunity! Thanks for the chance!

Pick me, I am an Android developer that has been publishing apps since December 2008, I have had over 5 million Android application downloads as an Independent developer, I have a full time Android development job, and I am coming from Indiana, would love to be there

1: My flight gets in early enough for me to make the party.
2: I published my first app last year after learning a TON at Google I/O 2011
3: I jumped through major hoops to be able to make it this year
4: I need a break from my IT Security Masters program
5: I make an awesome bodyguard if things get wild :)
6: I'm way over 21
7: Lookout helped my track down a stolen phone and report it to the police. I'd like to thank them in person!
8: My guest is pretty hot... and she's a developer too!

Hey, I just met you,
and this is crazy,
but here's my post,
so pick me, maybe?

I love android,
and open bars,
but here's my post,
so pick me, superstar?

Hey, I just met you,
and this is crazy,
but here's my post,
so pick me, maybe?

And all the other blogs,
try to chase me,
but here's my post,
so pick me, definitely?

Pick me because a random number generator can't be wrong!

And if you don't pick me I'll have to spend my first day in town at Pier 49, I'll probably talk to the seals, someone might think I'm crazy, I might get arrested, I won't be able to develop from my jail cell and my family will go hungry and become homeless. Please think of the children and pick me!

You should pick me because I live just on the other side of the bridge and it would so great to finally talk to tons people about android and google and tech stuff in person, lol.

So excited for IO this year. I love the lookout security app and would love to meet some of the folks behind it.

Even though the schedule does not reflect much on this topic, I am hoping to be able to get more information about the Google@Home project. I am very interested in the possiblities of a standard in the future of home automation. Hopefully going to events like this will allow me to network with others who share the same interests.

Here's to hopefully getting one of the 20 tickets to the Lookout Party :) Maybe my wife can score one as well!

Because I didn't go to the Lookout party last year. Plus I'm a cool guy. Pick me, you won't be sorry.

Used to work for Megavideo. Turned out that it was taken down by the FBI before I could get paid. Cool story. Now choose me.

18 hours on a plane. Debts all over the place. Two weeks of absence from work. Furious girlfriend left waiting at home. You tell me a reason why I should NOT be chosen!

Well, I haven't heard much about this years Google I/O event... but, I'd be happy with hearing something about Jelly Bean :)

This guy.... would really like to go.
This guy.... has bled green since the G1.
This guy.... will bring a hot +1.
This guy.... keep his clothes on for the party.
This guy.... cannot speak for his date!
This guy.... would really like to go....