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Some ideas are so good that they should be shared

If you had Internet service today, you've no doubt heard about Apple's iOS 7 unveiling at WWDC. If for some reason you haven't, be sure to head over to iMore and find out about all the new features and the new look. We'll wait.

OK, now that everyone is on the same page, we're all probably thinking about how a lot of that seems familiar. Apple certainly did a little shopping around when they decided what new features to include, and even how they will all look. Android's represented well, as is Windows Phone, BlackBerry, webOS and even Meego. Fans of all these operating systems are taking to Twitter or Facebook or Google+ to express their feelings over "the borrowing", and there is quite a little uproar being made. But not from me.

I think what they did is a good thing.

Cherry picking features from the competition means the users of that same competition might get a few laughs at your expense, but it means much more than that. It's validation for the designers and engineers who came up with it first, and it delivers great stuff that looks good to the end users.

While iOS 7 may look like a blend of Holo Light with MIUI icons, that flat card inspired interface is a great way to traverse your way through what your phone has to offer. We love it in Google Now and the other updated Google applications, and iOS users will love it when they get the update this fall. And the folks who originally designed it, wherever they may be, can know that they bring joy to millions with their design. The same goes for the Pandora inspired iTunes Radio, or the wireless sharing originally thought up by Bump, or HTC Sense 4's lock screen notifications. Those are features everyone wants, and now iPhone users can have them.

While you're reading through the lists of what Apple "stole" and who they stole it from, try to remember that in this business everybody steals from everybody else. And in the end, that means we all get to benefit from a universal set of great features. 


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Apple's iOS 7 'copied' everyone - and that's a good thing



The lawsuits were never about "copying" even though that seems to be the simplest way to explain it.

Apple holds many patents, trade dress, and all sorts of other things. And when those are infringed upon... then they will defend them.

Should Apple have been granted all those patents in the first place? Who knows... that's a topic for another day.

It's not that Apple steals, they don't give credit where credit is do, and they don't think their SH$T stinks. It's a do as i say, not as I do mentality with them, considering their whole design is from taking from everyone else design and meshing them together for their own. And then patenting it all so loosely that anything falls under coverage. It's basically paraphrasing instead of plagiarism, but then copyrighting your paraphrase of someone else's work

Apple suing everyone on anything, IMO, is their way of revenge for not getting some type of Monopoly on smartphones, if they can't have control of the market, no one else should either it seems with them. Not to mention this just stifles innovation and they know that.

and patents are there to prevent what? copying.....the lawsuits are definitely about copying(reading anything either lawyer or ceos say on the matter blatantly shows this)...the issue is apple likes to copy others but when someone copies one of their ideas, they throw a fit and send in their lawyers....its ok for them, but a crime for other.

You CAN NOT be serious. It was the iPhone that broke the mold. Android copied from Apple first and proceeded from there. Get serious before you comment on what you don't know.

Not really, the iPhone copied multiple existing technologies and trade dress which existed years prior. What they did do is put it into one fully functional package and drove the entire cell phone industry forward in the process.

Keeping it just between these two operating systems- that's when Android copied Apple first. They took the baton from there.

You can't rob a thief of something they stole. Apple stole ideas from others (Remember, Jobs considered himself a "great artist" not a god one, so it's stealing), so Andrid can't possibly be said to have stolen from Apple. At the very worst, it's ambiguous, because they could have stolen what Apple already stole, or they could be stealing from the same people that Apple stole from.

So, you're basically denying that Eric Schmidt, while on the board of directors at Apple, didn't have the Android project turn about face and, instead of mimicking Blackberry, ripped off the iPhone, instead after getting a private tour of what Apple was doing? Are you stupid or even serious?

Dude. A "board of directors" is not the same thing as a "CEO" or some such. Generally, someone who sits on a board of directors has to represent the shareholders and vote on financial stuff. It's frequently made of of the top shareholders of the company, but not always. There's no reason to assume that Eric Schmidt got to see "top secret" iOS stuff just because he was on the board.

It's important to remember, also, that Google doesn't make hardware. Not even the Nexus devices (the OEM's come up with designs and Google chooses the one they like) so Android phones being primarily base on full-face touch screens is not Google's decision, but that of OEM's like HTC, Samsung, Motorola, etc. There have been several Android phones over the years which are very "blackberry-looking". Just Google "Motorola Pro".

All that said, why is it so hard for some people to have a discussion on the internet without name-calling? Really?

It's like this, apple borrowed a plethora of ideas from every operating system and meshed them together.

If I copied ten poems from 20 different poets and then paraphrased each poem so it is not plagiarism, and put them all in one book, and copyrighted the book, it would still not be my own work.

Who copied whom is irrelevant since the cycle pre-dates Android. Apple has a history of copying others and then claiming it's their own "innovation" starting from the first version of Mac OS.

no its not just ios7 they copied from android they being coping since the early ios , for instance like the notification system
the early iphone 3 was a nightmare pop up everywhere so as every improved ios every new feature they make it look like it was theirs but it was not, do you remember early iphone can only be updated thru itune , well they saw android had update thru air so then years later voa la update thru air do you remember the panoramic picture in iphone well that feature was first on early htc phones , and of coarse later they have it ? face time that video chat is been around for years on even 10 year old phone once again oooooh face time we had it first? do you remeber the icloud first came out every body was like WOW it was like GOD , nope even the old 6 year old google syc had back up and store photos ,vid, and all phone programs and configuration on my old droid incredible, and my co worker was backing his on itune so i as a user for both phones i have to say that
steve job claims that every one elese steals , he steals more then anybody ...... then of coarse he says he borrows and every one elese steals , HYPOCRITE!!!!! the question is if you tell some one not to STEAL , YOU HAVE TO ASK YOUR SELF THIS QUESTION DO YOU STEAL? AND HE WANTS THERMAL NUKE WAR ?

iOS 7 is still slide to unlock. Swiping up is for quick camera access. Multitasking is akin to webOS though, but so is my HTC. But ALL of them implement these just a little bit differently, which is why I think the whole copy argument is stupid for everyone, iOS or Android. Most of this is just fanboy flame wars.

Actually, Android was a company on its own before it was acquired by Google. Android had their Operating system in beta before the iphone launched. Everyone copies everyone but know who are the originators and don't get you facts twisted. Apple didn't invent anything, they just revolutionized things. There's a big difference.

When Microsoft released their first ever Windows, Apple actually threatened them with lawsuits (or actually sued?) for "copying the GUI". Windows 1 doesn't allow overlapping windows because of this.

As far as the idea of the modern smartphone, it was Android that took the idea of the candy bar form factor and went on from there. You're kinda retarded.

I know. Android did "came up" with their OS first in late 2008 and then Apple copied it in 2007. That makes sense... just as whole android does. Ha ha.

cashxx says:
Who copied who first?

That's easy, the first guy to violate someone elses intellectual property rights was Grog. He saw that Trog was using the paints to draw shapes of animals, instead of just making a hand print. Grogs animals were widely considered to be an improvement over Trogs, but Trog filed suit against him. Unfortunately for Grog, tort law hadn't really progressed as far as the politicians of the day had promised, and the filing brief was a large heavy log.

Trog, immediately after, tried to patent the Large Heavy Log, but everyone considered it to be in the intellectual commons area.

Simple. Microsoft and Apple copied Xerox and then everything comes from that simple idea of the GUI and the mouse. Too bad Xerox didn't protect their IP. Oh well!

Correction, Xerox let them in the door and didn't know what to do with what they had. They allowed them to use what they were shown.

I remember that scene from the TNT Gates Jobs movie from 10 years ago, it was very interesting and factual, Jobs was played by Noah Wiley

That was a recurring theme at Xerox PARC. They invent the GUI and mouse but don't know what to do with it, and Apple and Microsoft get rich off it. They invent Ethernet but don't know what to do with it, and 3COM (and later Cisco) gets rich off it. They invent WYSIWYG document editing and don't really do anything with it, and Adobe and Microsoft get rich off it.

Meh, Jerry simply states the obvious while overlooking Apple's litigious practice of suing everybody in sight because they dared to round off a corner.

To be a smartphone you need certain features. We all get that. But Ford doesn't sue Chevy for having round wheels and windows that open.

That Apple borrows from others is ancient history. They never actually came one with any single unique phone that hadn't been kicking around in one form or other for years. Its their perpetual rushing to court to protect their "intellectual property" and whining that everyone else is stealing from them that puts them in a bad light.

But somehow, its ok with Jerry when they start stealing from everybody else.

Shouldn't they be forced to live by the rules they wield as weapons against everyone else?

Steve Jobs was holding Apple Back, he was great for their early Success with his Genius Marketing which helped establish what apple is today a Monster of a Company.

I am an android user but I am Happy Apple Made big Changes it's good for Competition and Tech World as a Whole When Competing Companies make Bold Moves and Changes it Helps to Make Sure no one becomes lazy or complacent.

Apple was becoming Lazy because no one could match them years back Until Samsung Shook the Market up When they Started Making Big Changes with each New Galaxy Device years back, it also helped Boost Google and Android as a Whole into Popularity. So Now apple is returning the favor sure it may seem like they copied many aspects of WP8 and Android, but there is no doubt it will force Samsung and Google to have to keep innovating, I like Android but since Apple has made a big Change I think Google needs to up the Ante with Key Lime Pie and really knock it out of the park or apple might steal a lot of people who bailed on them back.

Jobs was holding Apple back? i think Jobs was a total d-bag, but even I can recognize his brilliance. He wasn't holding Apple back, he made that company and then saved it.

And what's with the random capitalization? It makes your rant unreadable.

I thought it was, He made that Company, was fired from it, then was asked back to save it from the brink

agree clearzero. Android users act like they invented everything on a smart phone but then claim they never stole any ideas from apple or every other company out there.
Even tho Apple did it first. iOS was released June 2007, android released October 2008. 16 months later on the HTC Dream. or G1 whichever you want to call it.
It looked a lot like the iPhone. a screen with icons/apps.
Apple may be adding features later than android now, but when they do, they don't release it half baked.
The one time that happened what Scott and the Maps. He got fired for it.

Also, don't forget that the first multitouch android phone was released in 2010, three years after the iPhone. Android was intended to be non-tactile before the iPhone took that direction. Android was a potato by 2008, 2009 and part of 2010. Not to mention lag and app crashes.

The HTC Touch was released a couple weeks before the original iPhone. It wasn't running Android but it proves the point that Apple didn't do anything revolutionary by having gesture based device. The ONLY reason Apple gets credit is they announced the iPhone five months before launch where HTC announced a month or two later. Doesn't change the fact that HTC was first to market. HTC also released the first touch and wireless device back in 1998.

That's sad that u would even try to compare the HTC touch to the iPhone, it was the most pathetic phone ever. In Canada they had to give them away, they only worked for about 6 months to a year and ran the crappest WM you could ever imagine. I went through 4-5 of them until I got the Touch pro, almost as crappy phone and eventually got the touch 2. None of those phones even came close to an iPhone. The touch 2 had some innovations, like linking ur contacts to FB years before apple thought of it. But they were all crap. If u try to say the HTC Touch was the original, give me a break. There was nothing even remotely similar to the iPhone in the Touch

And this is the problem. Why does history for some of you start with Apple? The G1 looked like the iPhone because it had a screen with icons? Have you never seen a Palm device before? Even the IBM Simon which came out before or close to the Apple Newton had a screen with app/icons. They all got it from the trends in desktops. Yet somehow you all always think it's Apple that was copied.

And no one said Android never copied anything. Its not the Android fans that had the problem. It was the Apple fans swearing anything Apple did was original and everyone else copied. What you see out of Android fans today is backlash for that.

Fans aside, the actual *problem* appears when these issues spill into court battles over intellectual property. "The designers get the joy of knowing they came up with a great idea" is feel-good but Jerry, FFS, joy doesn't put food on the table.

My favorite part is how they still harp on Apple's law suits (which have resulted in nothing) and give Microsoft law suit's the free pass (which have resulted in every Android manufacturer except Motorola paying Microsoft royalties for their patents).

Apple is not interested in royalties though. They go straight for bans on the offending product. Microsoft wants their "fair" share of the profits whereas Apple wants to make sure their product is the only option.

I cannot say I agree with either method but given a choice I would prefer to be able to choose what features I want rather than be told if I want this feature I have to take everything else Apple wants me to have

Royalties are a pretty reasonable request. Apple doesn't want royalties, they want to ban every other device from the marketplace (which is batshite insane).

Also, don't forget that the first multitouch android phone was released in 2010, three years after the iPhone. Android was a potato by 2008 and 2009.

Also, don't forget that the first multitouch android phone was released in 2010, three years after the iPhone. Android was a potato by 2008 and 2009.

What are you smoking?!!! I had the original Motorola DROID, launched in November of 2009, and it was a fantastic phone, that is until it couldn't keep up with the feature bloat. Nevertheless, it was very reliable. Were there occasional crashes and reboots? Sure, but overall, the phone could run for many days without a reboot. I used the phone a lot! Battery life was decent -- not great -- but few smart phones have great battery life.

Apple did't invent multi touch.
Apple didn't invent a screen with icons (seriously, that's been every ocomputer for almost 30 years).
Apple didn't invent the all touch screen or software keyboard.
Apple didn't invent anything on the iPhone.
What Apple does very, very well (possibly better than anyone on the planet) is product design and above all, marketing.

Youre an idiot like most android users

Apple invented multitouch ON A MOBILE PHONE.
Apple invented a screen with icons that MOVE AND CAN BE GROUPED INTO FOLDERS
Apple invented a multitouch interactive keyboard on a ON A PHONE and a software keyboard ON A PHONE
Apple invented the first gesture GUI on a smartphone, PalmOS was not gesture based or changeable
What Apple does very, very well is innovation NOT invention
What most android users call innovation on android OS is just outright copying of functionality from PalmOS and WebOS, which is fine since most Palm developers moved to Android. most android users are too young to have even used a Palm OS so they think Android is innovating but the functionality has been around for 15 years and has just been added to android. android is simply Palm OS with an Apple style graphical interface.

Ever heard of windows mobile? Bitch please:
- putting existing technology (multitouch) on smaller screen is not new invention
- Windows mobile could do that
- Windows mobile had software keyboard AND supported 3rd party software keyboards (something crapple not androkid don't)
- Again you are dumbass windows ce in 2005 had gestures one of them was sliding to right to unlock (yet another thing crapple didn't invent) also the software keyboard of windows mobile had gestures you could for example type an uppercase by pressing the letter dragging up and then letting go of screen! Also there was many 3rd party winmo program that used gestures, for example a program that changes the behavior of what close (X) button in right top corner does (winmo was very costumizable somemething neither ios or android does) you could click and hold and then move stylus off it downwards, while still holding it against screen and then letting go of it and the active program will minimize instead close! This was there all many years before iphone not after! Next time do your research better and you would probably know this if you bought anything that is not apple instead rocking on that stupid ipod that could only do music and thats about it for years while waiting for apple to make their first smartphone 5 years after they started showing up in masses(they were busy copying great features from those phones during those years)!

Only one thing you are right about is that apple did start this toy smartphone trend, which i do hate because they are the ones who caused the entire industry to dumb down their phones bringing smarthone closer to dumb people who can't figure out something as simple as two button mouse!

you are so completely clueless and factually incorrect one wonders where to smack you first.
i have a windows CE unit and a windows mobile on my device sitting next to me. using both of them right now neither of them have multi touch technology. neither of them have multi touch gestures. it uses static menus and tiles and a pointing device to select something. neither of them can zoom, or have any different functionality beyond a simple mouse click. how you can even begin to compare a icon based menu based static touch screen with a fluid multitouch full OS and gui on a phone is beyond comprehension.

as for dumbing down phones this lends even more transparency to your stupidity. the entire point of technology is to create tools which make human lives faster, easier, simpler and more efficient. if you like toying around with technology so much go stick your head inside of a unix mainframe and have fun all you want. most people have better things to do like create, get laid, and spend time with family and friends.

Do your research before saying anything. Android development began in 2003. So did Andy Rubin time-travel to copy iOS or something?

Apple was working on iOS at the same time, if you wanna go years before that Rubin worked for Apple under or around the Newton!

HTC is a phone company, android is simply the OS they chose it to run.. Ignorant? or just no common sense? lol Your reply makes no sense.

I've never seen any Android user saying that Android invented everything in the market. Most Android users understand that many of the concepts in today's smart phones are stolen from WinCE and WebOS. We Android users *do* like to point out is that Apple didn't invent any of the stuff they're suing everyone else over.

As for your argument that iOS was release in June 2007 and Android was released October of 2008, you have no idea what you're talking about if you really think an operating system for any device gets built in 16 months. Android, Inc. was started back in 2005, and was later bought by Google. Initial designs of prototype phones were more Blackberry-centric, but changed due to the success of the full-face touch screen of the iPhone. That's what's known as a market trend.

I will give Apple credit for being able to pull a lot of different parts together from the existing nightmare that was "smart phones" before the iPhone and turn it into something approachable by the mainstream market. But that's doesn't give them the right to try and sue anyone else who does the same thing.

All companies "borrow" ideas from each other. Just look at how many cars look similar. Or refrigerators. Or computers. Or wallets. Or waffle makers.

You get the idea.

You are wrong. It is the application of an existing technology to a device , which has never been used that way before, they are suing over. That is what a patent is. Why do so many people have trouble differentiating invention from innovation? Cleaning blades existed before windshield wipers were used on a car, that what patents are made to protect. If people are too stupid to see the difference than heaven help them.

By this logic, litigious practices should have something to do with these features?

I think they are two separate things, and one doesn't dictate what the other "should" be. Apple suing anyone for anything has nothing to do with engineers and designers freely sharing ideas to make things better for everyone.

I'm not about to let a pack of lawyers tell me what i think is right or wrong. But that's just me.

You and Jerry should have a chat :) you both have valid points, however, remember that design and feature borrowing is not done by the CEOs and suing is not done by the engineers. I think starting with iOS 7 we most probably will start seeing a lower number of court appeals from Apple and a higher focus on user experience and innovation. The new Mac Pro is a great example that they start to look for buried ideas and actually do something with them: and

Excellent, well said... This article is a shame on androidcentral, in that the author is far from facts.

This was a fairly obvious bunch of statements. But here's the thing. You cannot copy and then claim that you are innovating. That's what most of the Android and WP8 people are laughing at. Yeah, flat cards are the new thing, and frankly WP8 is making Android look a bit dated at this point so I bet Android will follow suit. And good for Apple that they are at least updating their OS to at least near parity with the others - heck, they were lagging behind BB! But go read BGR - iOS7 is a game changer? Really? The devotion to Apple there makes me think BGR is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple Computer. If they so much as change the size of their home button, it's the second coming of Steve Jobs.

I like the iPhone, but I went to Android and WP8 because Apple just cannot seem to do anything new. I used to joke that my Palm was my external brain pack, but now I can't joke about that anymore. My phone is becoming that, keeping me on track and helping me handle the zillion details of managing a small company. iOS still can't do that as well as Android can. Heck, it can't do it as well as Blackberry OS6 can - I don't know about OS10 (yet). iOS plays some mean games though. I guess if I were still in my 20s, that would be important.

"try to remember that in this business everybody steals from everybody else."

uh huh...except that Apple is the one whining the loudest about being ripped off. I guess it is only a bad thing when someone else does it huh?

Apple deserves to be called on their hypocrisy.

Engineering is an iterative process. Improving a good design is the better way, rather than always coming up with something different. Then you would wouldn't know what's good and worth saving. This isn't like pure art or music, where new & different is always celebrated just for being new & different.

Good artists copy, great ones steal. -Steve Jobs.

Creators always did and will always steal ideas from others to implement in their own work. That's a process in life.

Full of it! Apple has always complain that Windows copied them, Samsung copied them, etc. Now it's OK? Crap on!

All the other companies getting sued by Apple care. Maybe we might because its not our money or business on the line. But all in all it does affect us if this trend continues. The patent system needs to change.

I hate apple but I hope they win, because this trend apple started "the toy smartphone" is retarded and it is supporting the dumbness of this generation making future generations even dumber, now even dumbphone is smarter than most iphone users and old winmo smartphones and pdas are something considered impossible to learn for those users who microwave their iphones to charge the battery. So if apple wins and androkkid is destoryed then there might be space for another os to be created that doesn't go apple ways, but away from it (like windows mobile).

... and that's how it's not "a good thing." If Apple didn't go thermonuclear on Android and kick off a war of patents, I would have no problem with Apple "borrowing" from others. But, they did. They want their cake and to eat it too.

+1 exactly my point of view. when android has a feature that has 1% of similarity to an iOS feature, the apple lawyers come stampeding, however at the same time they will rip of android features to so much detail, that it's hard to tell which is which.
I know android is open source, and it's the nature of the game, it's just the way that apple copy at the same time as saying copying is wrong.

The only bad thing is that all my co-workers that have only used Apple products began to tease me about all the features that they will have that "I don't." I didn't feel like arguing or telling them that I actually have had a lot of those features way before hand... Over here in the office I'm usually the more humble one.

Android features don't exist until Apple introduces them in iOS. Then everyone thinks that Apple invented it.

Sounds like you work in a pre-school. Do people really waste their time getting into arguments about stuff like this?

I do wish companies do consider Windows phone for their cross platform apps though...Why so mean to WP, companies, why?

It's always about the money.

They don't hate people using WP (or even the OS itself), they just don't think the time spent developing will be rewarding enough.

Even though I think WP market share is now higher than blackberry, porting apps from Android to blackberry takes almost no time or expertise at all.

Microsoft is trying to make it easier for developers to port apps to WP with API mapping tools and Guides, but you still have to do quite a bit of work.
Unless they take more market share, they are going to have to do a better job making developer's lives easier if they want to pull in more apps.

If lawsuits DON'T end, they should be sued by HTC and Samsung...of course, Apple will then say they invented the "pixel".

I don't have a problem with the fact that everybody steals from everyone else. It's when one person steals from someone and then patents it. Apple takes things that have been around for 4 years and tweaks two things on it. And they claim they 'innovated' it. And the world pisses itself like excitable dogs.

That's my problem. Tim Cook acts like he's some kind of savior. He's not.

Exactly. This post has a lot of hippie vibes that I like - if only all companies embarked on this journey. When somebody gets away with getting pieces of pie from everybody else after it refused to share his own it feels like it's only fair that they trip over a rock and break some bones.

Pretty much this. +1

It reminds me a lot of the squabbling between Google and Microsoft, and how "unfair" Google was being by not allowing them to use THEIR service (Youtube) without any royalties after they've been screwing pretty much every OEM and Google with lawsuits and smear campaigns at every corner.

While I am completely OK with all companies borrowing from each other for the advancement of technology, it seems the internet consensus is that when Apple does it, it is "borrowing" but if anyone else uses this strategy it is "stealing".

This is a very good point that has nothing to do with technology and everything to do with perception. Kinda shows where Apple's true power lies don't it?

Apple's true power lies in successfully exploiting the ignorance and stupidity of consumers.

I always find it ironic when someone supposedly tech savvy buys an iPhone.
If you compare the iPhone4 or 5 with Android phones with similar specs, you will find that the Android phones are more cost effective(I'm thinking Galaxy S3, S4, Nexus 4, HTC One X and Xperia Z) and will have more features.

People who buy iPhones are just attracted to bright and shiny gadgets that supposedly make them look cool...

I'd love to see apple get their asses handed to them in court over all the things they're "borrowing" in this release. Not because I think there's anything wrong w/ what they're doing, I just can't stand the apple fanbois.

As long as Apple stops with the litigation and doesn't make any claims on the new iOS features, we're all good. But if they start suing people's pants off...

My issue is not with the fact that Apple copied a crap load of stuff... its that the ignorant iFans are pretending like some serious innovating was done when infact, Apple didn't bring out anything new in iOS

Apple just hasn't innovated that yet. Don't worry, they'll get there just like they figured out ears aren't round just 10 years after form fitting earbuds got popular. 2019 ios will get cards, and Apple will buy Palm. They will make the phone all the Palm fans ever wanted, and sue that division of Apple out of business. They will then sell it to a company that makes toasters. Boom! WebOS toasters (finally), but no universal search. That remains with Apple. Oh, no more cards for WebOS either. Patented by Apple...

As much as I want to agree with Jerry the editor, and he makes very valid points, this does not justify Apple's recent lawsuits and actions against Android. Time will tell, but it's like a slap to the face to all manufacturers and OEMs. So we can't borrow but you can? That's my whole gripe about this, I don't care whether iOS users get similar features, that's a good thing. But Apple's approach just does not compute.

Like others have said above, you're missing the greater problem Jerry, which is why there would be an uproar from some. Apple is allowed to "steal/borrow" ideas from whomever they want and this is perfectly acceptable. Now, turn that around and have those same companies "steal/borrow" from Apple, and watch as they're hit with 100 patent lawsuits and sales injunctions.

Apple will than have you/the court believe that nobody ever used flat panel design before them, the colour blue didn't exist, and they have this ambiguous patent to wave in your face about it. It's not fair they can steal without paying their due when others suffer constantly for the same thing in reverse.

Kindly show the patents on anything that Apple has borrowed.

That's the big difference. That, and many of the things Apple patented were genuinely new when they were introduced. All of the things that Apple incorporated in this release have been around forever.

It took me less then 30 seconds to find 3 big ones for mobile. If I cared to spend more time I could probably find a more. You can try your hand with an "apple patents invalidated" search using Bing.

I honestly don't care to get in the whole patent debate since I know nothing about it. But your comment really did need a quick clearing up.

Ah but none of those patents have actually been invalidated. That action was a step during the appeals process. Companies that receive such invalidations almost always have the patent upheld. It's all part of the process, and apple still has the right to enforce it in the meantime.

Actually no, those patents are more than likely going to be invalided. It's beside the point anyway. Apple is a copy cat, regardless of patents or not.

They actually won't. Their claims may be narrowed, but they won't be invalidated. The burden on the USPTO to invalidate them is extremely high.

You are incorrect. Obama recently has signed executive orders to clean up the patent office for to these problems.

You need to take a civics class. Executive orders cannot do it alone. That is why he also asked congress to pass legislation, because that is the only way for it to happen. Until they do, the Patent office operates as it has for a long time.

So no, Apple's patents won't be invalidated. They will be narrowed, sure. But they will not be invalidated.

Oh I'm sure apple lawyers combed through patents but this is not the issue here.
The issue is that these features apple bluntly copied have not been patented (or just very loosely). And I strongly believe that this is only the case because Google, MSFT, etc. don't want to promote culture like Apple.
Apple on the other hand patents everything in sight just to stiff the competition. It's actually a fact confirmed by Apple ex-executives (I believe it was published in NY Times)

So yeah, Apple may play by the "rules" but it doesn't mean Apple is ethical

Apple copied so much from HTC. apple should not take money from HTC seriously they stole many features from HTC or HTC should sue apple like apple sued them. this is not fair what apple did to HTC

You are aware that Apple's iPhoto software on Mac has grouped photos by events, time, and location, since before Sense was a thing, right?

Ah, but we're talking about mobile. Apple has asserted many times that implementing something on mobile that already existed on the desktop counts as a new invention.

No, they certainly haven't. They've actually asserted just the opposite. (see their patent on universal search, and the information linking patent)

Atually if I'm not mistaken they have. There have been some patents on obvious ideas that hinged on being on a mobile device.

im aware but apple copied HTC and its ok but HTC as to pay apple for something stupid that there is no need to pay for. its ok always for apple to copy and sue. HTC shouldn't pay apple zero

Except Apple didn't copy HTC. Do us all a favor and learn your history in the Mobile arena before you continue to post.

Wow, really? He only told you to support your argument with facts. So, you respond, in kind, with an insult, because you have no facts to back up your argument. When you have facts, post them.

We're waiting...

people like you, driven by a sense of revenge/get-back-at-them attitude = no good for the rest of us. enough already.

I don't mind when copying takes place. It's only when one company doesn't admit to it and Sues everyone else, that annoys me.

For example, Steve Jobs claimed that Android was a stolen product and Sues Samsung for creating a similar looking product(which is inevitable when the product in hand consists of only a screen, button and a mic).
But making such a claim and then proceeding to obviously copy what is the notification Centre whilst insulting the other companies is pathetic and childish.

Then they also proceed to claim the copied feature isn't copied but 'improved' (when it isn't) and every Isheep falls for it. When they don't have a feature they say why do I need it. 4 years later they get it and claim it's new and innovative.

The sliding tabs in the gallery for ios7 is an identical copy of androids template for apps.

The iPhone only just got panorama on the camera. All Isheep's continue to boast about it and act as if it's new when my old 2006 Nokia had it....

Ironically, I think it's been Apple that has been the most vocal about "copying". It's been the primary argument of their lawsuits worldwide that are presently still being litigated, and regurgitated by their ardent followers. Apple's artistic and technical designs are unoriginal by present-day standards, and that clearly needs to be popularized until they stop with the litigious nonsense.

Yeah, couldn't agree more. What would we be saying if they didn't copy everyone? That they were behind the times, that's what. So they're taking the best of everything everyone is doing, it's what should happen.

My problem with Apple is they can get away with all this copying and patenting, but other companies like Samsung have to pay them $1 billion in spite of the huge profits they already make. Until Apple stops the litigation, I will never stop slamming them for their hypocrisy.

so you're mad at apple because they play the game well? Apple doesn't make copyright law, nor do they get to grant themselves patents.

there is no game... listen to larry page's speech at i/o... he says that innovation should be innovation and not a game of keep away...

Yes. Following the rules doesn't mean being ethical.
Google, MSFT, BB didn't patent silly things such as rubber effect. Don't be silly if you think apple wouldn't patent all these "new" features if they came up with it first.

That's why I don't support apple. They patent everything possible to stiff the competition and this was confirmed by ex executives

Had Google come up with them, do you think they wouldn't patent them? Despite Larry Page's insinuations, Google plays the game like everyone else.

Yes. They did. Rounded corners was part of the iPad trade dress. Apple actually suggested in court that Samsung should make a tablet that didn't have rounded corners and an edge-to-edge display in order to not infringe on the iPad. This is a fact.

No, they didn't. The trade dress included many things, one of which was rounded corners. However, with trade dress, Samsung needed to violate all of the design elements. So no, Apple didn't sue over rounded corners. They sued because Samsung had imitated the entirety of their iPad/iPhone design.

The fact that rounded corners were included in such silliness, is itself laughable. You can continue to spin it any which you like.

The fact that rounded corners were included in such silliness, is itself laughable. You can continue to spin it any which way you like.

You must also be okay with Apple only paying a few percent income tax because they are just playing the game well, right?

Blame the law, not the person (corporation) taking advantage of the law. A company would be foolish, to not take advantage of a favorable monetary situation. It's good business sense, to take advantage of every loophole you find.

Yes, blame the law. Now everyone find every loop hole in the tax code and take advantage of that too, ohh and lets force imminent domain as much as we can because hey it is the law and does not need to be re-written.. - some times it is not the law that is the issue but the the limited number of patent reviewers available that have to review a daunting number of patents pushed across their desks on a daily basis. the patent laws need to be rewritten and the process needs to be re-evaluated. Apple tries to patent every thought that comes of their house. Some get declined, then they reapply, reapply reapply, until it gets past.

It's nowhere near a few percent but yes, I am more than OK with it. I would be very disappointed in them if they didn't pay as little as possible. Not sure what the problem is here.

They may not make patent law nor grant patents but they are loosing several high profile patents that they should not have had in the first place. Perhaps the US patent and trademark office should do their job and not grant bogus patents in the first place and Apple should know better and not try to patent "ideas" that they have not come up with themselves.

Quick, provide me proof that any of the things that you believe are bogus patents existed in the exact patented form before Apple. (We'll be waiting here a while, because they didn't)

You mean like the USPTO saying the "pinch to zoom" patent should never have been issued because it was "obvious". Just like Rounded corners are obvious. Just like slide to unlock is obvious.

Patents are supposed to be for inventions. Apple didn't invent anything. Not the software keyboard, not voice commands, nothing on the iPhone was actually created by Apple first. What Apple does well is product design and marketing, not invention.

I was going to post links to articles about Apple's patents being invalidated, but apparently I can't put links in replies anymore.

Just Google (or whatever) "apple patents invalidated" and you'll find articles detailing how several of the primary patents Apple is suing over companies over right now where invalidated:

Bound Back (rubber-band effect)
Slide to Unlock
Pinch to Zoom

Good job AC. While every other site(Cough WP Central Cough) is doing comparisons saying how Apple copied everyone, AC brings us thoughtful and non biased articles like this.

Like it very much, finally a UI revamp. And the article is spot on, they copied a crapload but that's ok. Now they need to stop with that suing crap.

But it was original to something other than the iphone. If it didn't belong to apple, they either "copied" it or "stole it". <---choose one.

Absolutely not true and you know it. So by your comment then, why in the F*ck was precious Apple throwing lawsuits at Samsung? Everything that Samsung supposedly copied was inherently different in some way, shape, or form....literally.

And Apple has only ever sued Google? Is there any relevance to who the original source was when it comes to stealing?

Not Apple.

All but one of Apple's lawsuits were filed against Android OEMs, and that was a defensive suit against Nokia.

There is also a difference between stealing, and using ideas that are out there that are not patented.

Apple is not afraid of Google. Apple cannot sue Google over Android because of the specific patents involved, and the fact that 99.9% of the infringement was carried out by OEMs in their handsets and skins. There are also some legal issues because Google does not manufacture any handsets, which would make it very difficult for Apple to sue them directly.

Jerry, I understand the need for everyone to rational and your article shows just how sensible it is.

The problem is Apple and hypocrisy.

there are definitely elements in ios 7 that are in other operating systems. But it's also unique. It's less copying than it is taking some design inspiration. They're also doing things that no one else is doing (as far as I know), such as providing some sense of depth and transparent layers and what not. It's uniquely apple. I'm glad to see apple finally update that aging UI. That green felt in gamecenter made me want to puke.

uhh... what? I didn't realize that there could be "different types" of opacity and transparency. Different colors? Sure. Varying degrees? Absolutely!

...but different types? Really?! O_o

But where do you draw the line of taking design inspiration and copying? That's the issue. If I look at a painting, I can paint it myself, maybe add more color or more detail to it. But who says I didn't copy? Or just took design inspiration? It boils down to just what is copied and what is just improved or tweaked. If you think about it everything is copied, there is not an original invention.

Well it's simple really...according to the apple fanboys, when Apple does it, it's design inspiration but when OEMs and Google do it it's copying.

I'm just trying to figure out what is so new about IOS 7.... I mean besides a redesign and some new icons... come on what extra functionality you really get we already know for a long time on android, windows and even blackberry... very disappointed

Notification bar
quick toggles
Sliding tabs in apps
flat theme
incognito mode on browser
Tab control theme on browser
sliding between tabs on browser
animated wallpaper (the 3d effect one on ios7 has been available for some time to Android)
HTC event in gallery
integration in sir
Auto updating apps

Don't forget that Siri can control your phone i.e. turn off bluetooth open apps etc and google now can't. But I bet they say google now could. I have both devices and it can't.

Now THIS is a good post. It really is about the consumers. I may be an Android fan that doesn't care about iOS news unless it's from an Apple keynote but I'm going to use the platform that works best for me, dang it.

I respectfully disagree with Jerry. The market is dominated by Android and ios but they continue to borrow from each other so it's becoming too similar for my taste. On one hand it's nice that they take popular aspects of competing operating systems but on the other hand we now have similar notifications, lock screens, multitasking, texting, applications, font, etc. I don't like how all of those work and look but since so much borrowing is happening I just have to get used to it. Advantage that Android still has is the ability to change all the stuff that Apple added today. Androids greatest strength.

So Apple has never been sued before? I find it interesting to see comments like this. Android was not the first OS to do everything, even NFC. Stuff like that is old technology, just to name one thing.

Couldn't have said it any better Jerry. i really like the look of iOS 7 and part of that maybe the fact that some parts of it resemble the Holo look of Android and parts of WebOS (which was a gorgeous OS when it was relevant)

Very idealistic, Jerry. Ideally, information and ideas would be freely shared and everyone could take ideas and improve on them. Unfortunately, how this is going to play out is just the opposite, as usual

"And the folks who originally designed it, wherever they may be, can know that they bring joy to millions with their design. "

This may go for anyone except Apple, because everyone knows that now that Apple has these "original ideas", they're going to claim authorship on them, and sue anyone else who wants to "share" them. And it's not really Apple's fault, that's just the way the system works...

Please link me to where Apple sued someone over notification center. Or having a camera shortcut on the lock screen. Oh wait, you can't...

Apple cannot sue anyone over notification center because they copied it from android. The new Control Center is also copied from Samsung's TouchWiz UI. All these controls appear exactly the same in Samsung notification screen on Android Jelly bean OS - The toggle switches on top, followed by brightness slider, followed by music controls. It's a pure copy of android and yet apple claims they innovated it.

It is not the coping thing that bothers me. It is how big of a hypocritical company Apple is. They bitch and whine about Android copied this blah blah blah and then turn around and blatantly copy Android and then CLAIM it is invading and how they came up with it.

"Copying" is fine, BUT then suing everyone and everything that even resembles whatever you "create" is BULLSHIT.

Really? 'Pinch-to-zoom' and 'rubberbanding' comes to mind. Both were invalidated. Rubber Banding was invalided a second time this year. Apple can kiss these goodbye. I'm sure there will be others to follow.

You really need to brush up on how patent appeals work. Neither patent was invalidated. Apple still has multiple appeals left, and something like 95% of patents at this stage are upheld with a narrowed scope.

That doesn't even get into the fact that neither implementation often cited as prior art actually invalidates Apple's patents. In both of these cases, the manner and method of how the patent is executed matters. None of the prior art cited is implemented the way Apple's is.

I'm reporting what has been printed in several publications. Even if what you said is accurate, by the time whole process is over, it wouldn't matter anyway.

"That doesn't even get into the fact that neither implementation often cited as prior art actually invalidates Apple's patents. In both of these cases, the manner and method of how the patent is executed matters. None of the prior art cited is implemented the way Apple's is."

Well obviously the presiding body over such patents didn't see it that way or they would have been upheld. The very fact that Apple now has to appeal is proof it was struck down.

Then you are not old enough to know then...In the late '80s Apple tried to sue Microsoft over their Windows OS. Apple lost and it nearly drove them out of business. That same "windows" interface Apple sued about, is the same interface they stole from Xerox.

Obviously you haven't read your Apple GOD bio have you? Since you know Steve Jobs was BIG on stealing other ideas and making it his own. Search the web, there are even videos of him claiming this as well.

Cashxxx its moor about who filed the Paton first. The ideas that are out there are from ideas along time ago. You must young.

"Some ideas are so good that they should be shared"

Is it just me, or is this a hypocritical statement for Apple? IMO, Apple will never share it's ideas, which is evident by their numerous patent lawsuits...

So when the first sell call was made on a motarola phone did Apple copy them or the tablet that was in the movie space Odyssey did apple copy that.

no we Android users are just mad because Apple sues over a little thing(zooming on an internet browser, icons on a screen, the list is endless) also that stuff on android is more advanced ans the small mined iphone user usually knows nothing about the competition and assumes that they are right. notice how similar everything comming out by apple looks similar to something in android that has been on it for a year or more.(just look at the app store)

I never liked iOS, not one bit, never considered buying an iPhone for that reason, plus the lack of file structure (I like to know where things are).

Personally I find it pathetic (first the notification bar, now the app drawer design) and this much needed improvement to iOS is far too late, they are behind in the game, android had always been the future of mobile development.

Simply copying what others have done isn't innovation-it isn't pushing the envelope of what our phones and devices can do-it's merely keeping the status quo going.

I see more new ideas in Touch Wiz than what I saw today and I'm not even a Samsung Fan.

Basically they gave the HTC the permission to use their hardware design and instead they got the right to copy sense software features as a new redesigned OS, that's sounds like a good deal for apple...

I sure Apple doesn't get its hands on a time machine.

Otherwise, the company may go back in time and try to
take the apple from Eve's hands and patent the fruit. :)

Bottom line is Apple will be hailed as the great new innovator again, when in fact they simply got their black ops team to steal from every OS on the market today. Clearly IF any other company (say Samsung) had done this they would get sued, oh wait that's right Apple keeps suing them for so called theft.

Bottom line is the market was NOT impressed they only saw a 1% bump in share value and that says a lot. The shine is not there anymore and the look is not only flat, but dull.

1% is huge. Apple stock usually goes down post keynote. It's why paying attention to Wall street is worthless.

That's one hell of a "Black Ops Team" they got there...

Mission Brief:
1. Drive to Best Buy
2. Purchase one each of all Android and WindowsPhone devices
3. Return to base.

God speed and good luck out there boys!! lol

The problem is that the true expert techies do not work in patent law. The people granting these patents are not experts by a long shot. I only need 1 example to describe this: hyperlinks in text messages, awarded to apple. How? Who? Why?

Apple doesn't have a patent on hyperlinks in text messages. They have a patent on a system being able to recognize pieces of information, like a telephone number, and turn it into a clickable link that opens the correct application. Very different than a hyperlink, and a patent Apple has had since the 1990s.

Dude... do you know what a "hyperlink" is in terms of HTML? Because what's being described here, while not a "hyperlink" in the strictest sense of the term (only because it doesn't live on a webpage) that's still the best description to use for the general masses.

The problem here is that what Apple has a patent for, "a system for recognizing pieces of information and turning them into a clickable link" is a patent on a "concept" which is expressly forbidden under USPTO law. That's the main issue with all the software patents. US Patent law even expressly states that you can reverse engineer something and make your own device, so long as you don't use any components from the original product and it's legal. That *should* mean that, so long as I don't copy any actual lines of code, I can make a piece of software with all the same features as another piece of software (so long as I don't try and make mine look like some other company wrote it to use their brand recognition to sell it).

We need to do away with the "software patents" and use copyright law for software, because you can't say that once you string together a few lines of code in a certain way, that no one else is ever allowed to have any code that does something similar, even if they wrote it 100% from scratch.

That's just silly.

I see a lot of posts about stealing this and stealing that.. but for me it is still... what is really new ... again besides design elements or some different gestures that pops up a function... what does ios 7 has more than ios 6, android, windows, ... really, I do not see it. And then a show like this.... wish that Steve was still there... he had a vision I admit although I was never a fan..

The new iOS 7 looks like a bag of skittles melted all over the screen. iOS didn't change one bit. They just added some flare and incorporated what was already in use by other OS's. This is nothing magical, inspirational, nor innovative but a color refresh of the same ol' boring crap.

Just to add:
Apple was a 1 great visionary company.. and they lost it.
Google is a very open minded company that understands the long term strategy of being successful.
Windows they had it right lost it but are back on track.
Blackberry: Apple's little brother...

Not sure if you can honestly say that. Apple has done more than their fair share in the computer market, and the portable music market, and in the mobile market.

I'd be okay with Apple "borrowing" ideas if they weren't so busy suing the living daylights out of every other company they accuse of copying their patents. So it's okay for them to do it, but not anyone else?

I couldn't possibly lose any more respect for that company, because I have zero respect for them already.

As much as I believe in allowing ideas to be shared for the betterment of the consumer, the hypocrisy of apple doesn't allow them to get a "get out of jail" card.

I think iOS is moving in the right direction. There is no doubt they are falling behind of Android, but they are opening up more from what I can tell. Opening up 1500s APIs is pretty impressive for someone as "closed" as Apple.

>"While you're reading through the lists of what Apple "stole" and who they stole it from, try to remember that in this business everybody steals from everybody else"

Except that Apple *SUES* everyone else. That is the difference.

You nailed it right there...

Apple walks around as though it's sh*t doesn't stink and calls new features, that android has had for years, as 'revolutionary.'

and with all the money Apple has, they will patent said "innovations" and move to have Android phones banned again.

Actually, Mobile Oil came up with the first gift card in 1995, which in itself is basically a gift certificate started in the 1930's. The more you know...

Not like it matters but weren't there iTunes gift Cards before there was even a thing called the play store?

There you go! more iZombie food!!!

It has androdized
and s*ck it at the same time
That new ios 7 is just any cheap android theme
THE BEST Mobil os

Jerry, thank you for this post. I'm glad there are still sites that see the bigger picture and not the fanboy vision.

I'm with everyone who said you can copy it, but don't pretend you invented it. Apple hasn't invented anything. They've done right what everyone was screwing up. The iPhone was a copy of a Windows tablet PC, but made small enough to fit in your pocket, with a cell phone added. The iPad was just that blown up.

You know I would say its awesome that apple borrowed all these ideas from every one is else if it wasn't for their constant lawsuits over petty features that are on the iPhone the other companies having a similar like swipe to unlock

the most funny part is when iOS7 is copying everyone else and Apple calling it 'new experience' lol. Maybe new experience for Apple fans that is

Go read their pages on iOS 7. They never make any mention of competitors. They do mention old versions of iOS several times, and not in a good way.

This mobile nations deal has turned the AC guys into a bunch of "make love not war" hippies. What's next, actual tree-hugging? Love you guys! I would l Ikr to see a comparison after release though.

Not at all. Its an acknowledgement that the market has moved on, and they should too to stay relevant. Or do you consider all versions of Android pre 4.0 to be 'wrong' as well?