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Samsung still the largest among Android makers, but still far behind Apple

As of August, 2013, Android still controls over half of the US market share, according to analysis by comScore. 51.6 percent of the mobile market is impressive, but it is down 0.8 percentage points compared to May of this year. Apple's iOS, on the other hand, has gained market share in that period, up to 40.7 percent from 39.2 percent a few months earlier.

In terms of which manufacturers are selling devices, naturally Samsung is still on top of the Android heap. With 24.3 percent of the US market secured — up 1.3 percentage points since May — Samsung is solidly behind Apple's 40.7 percent (the same as its OS market share, of course) but far and away ahead of everyone else.

Rounding out the top five manufacturers are HTC at 7.4 percent (down 1.3 percentage points), Motorola at 6.9 percent (down 0.9 percentage points) and LG at 6.7 percent market share.

comScore market share

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Android sees slight dip in US market share, still holds over half the market


Curious to see how the Moto X, Droid Mini, Droid Ultra, and Droid Maxx affect Motorola's numbers on the next report.

And Ry is clearly referring to the NEXT report which will reflect the recently released Motorola devices.

about half a million devices from touch-less control app install number from play store

the numbers are more than 500k since the number are counted only when user update it from play store.

+ sales in 2 months so u calculate

How is HTC top 5 but still at risk of going under?
Do they have to be bought out by a bigger company for security but still operate independently? How you top 5 and losing money?

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Microsoft just offered HTC Windows os for HTC devices for free licensing, so that HTC will Dual Boot Both OS'Android and Windows. I'd love a laptop tablet combo that would do that, not sure about a phone. Still interesting MS would do that after purchasing Nokia

The offer is still under consideration, and I don't suppose MS will offer WP8 for free, it will be offered at a lower price only.
Also I doubt we'll see a phone or tablet from HTC dual booting Android and Windows, but the customer will have a choice to buy the same HTC phone with either Android or WP8.

Just because they're selling phones and staying in the top 5 of manufacturers doesn't mean that they're doing so efficiently.

Some of the biggest companies in the world go through periods of losing buckets and buckets of money, despite having huge revenues.

You mean like GM? Chrysler? HTC needs to do 3 things better: Fix their supply chain; Fix their software division with quicker updates and more support for older devices; and increase marketing in order to get more marketshare. If they could double their marketshare they'd probably be rolling in it.

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HTC is not at risk of going under, presently. This quarterly report was anticipated. The HTC One is a product of choice by discriminating general public customers. Unit numbers also count. Not just percentages.

HTC 's innovation, industrial/ jewelry design, build quality, high performance, most timely updates and distinctive new homogeneous product line will serve them and us very well. Back in the day many more people were critical of Sense. Now Sense differentiates the product line attracting buyers. HTC users.trend to stay (sticky) with upgrades..

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As bad a shape as Blackberry is in, I think it gives Microsoft a nice black eye that they can't even overcome failing BB market share.

And gotta give some credit to those Symbian faithful that just keep holding on, lol.

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Given another quarter with the same growth/depreciation and you'll see Microsoft overtake BB.

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Maybe so, but that's not exactly a win for MS to say they finally beat a competitor for share, when that competitor basically is going out. MS share growth is anemic at best, at least in the crucial US market. Further the share that BB is losing is clearly not going straight to MS, but likely Apple. And the fact that no manufacturer really wants to make windows devices, and the MS outlook isn't so good. MS is so dire that they want to give the OS away license free for device makers and still they won't bite. Let's face it, its either android or iOS, in the US.

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USA is not the centre of universe, Windows phone has already reached 9% in major European markets and they are outselling iphones in major Asian countries too.

Exactly, usa is also the only market where Apple is really that strong. I think over here it's half the size. (Maybe we are just on average a little bit smarter ;) )

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They are doing that with $100 phones. The 9XX and 10XX are not selling. The US market is important if they want developers. $100 phones don't help that either. Windows Phone is as good as dead now. Even Nokia couldn't make it work. What chance does Microsoft have on its own?

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What silly remarks? It is the truth that developers look to the US market first and that Microsoft doesn't have a great track record in mobile. Nothing they have done has been successful and even Nokia hasn't been able to make Windows Phone work. What chance does that leave Microsoft.

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Say what you will about Apple, but to go up 1.5 within months of a new phone being released is pretty impressive. And we're talking about 1 phone, 1 screen size. Well. 2 screen sizes but you know what I mean.

Poor HTC, one of the best, if the the best phone this year and still can't gain.

Apple has ONE device release per year, so their sales jump for the first two months after a new phone comes out, then comes back down. Android on the other hand, has new devices released continually over the course of the year, so there isn't as much of a surge when any one device comes out, because there are more options, and people are not forced to wait too long.

What he is saying is that this increase occurred BEFORE a new iPhone came out. That's pretty impressive, considering all of it's competition. Apple's U.S. marketshare has been on the rise for about a year, while Android has fallen.

Then you have the clearance specials that were put out there, trying to get people to upgrade iPhone 3/3GS/4 to the iPhone 5 prior to the 5S release. There are ALWAYS reasons for a big surge in sales, and some of it could also be attributed to back to school. By March/April, you will see the numbers go back to where they were, and that 1.5 percent increase will be GONE.

What part of "Apple U.S. marketshare has been rising for the past 12 months" do you not understand? It is not a surge, but a consistent rise in sales. iPhone is consistently the best selling smartphone on all 4 major carriers, so a marketshare rise is going to happen.

For the none techy user, Apple is a great product. It's well made and very easy to use. I'm not surprised to see them at the top. If they made an iPhone with a 4.7" or 5", I'd buy one.

In my opinion, Samsung and Apple own the brand recognition for smart phones. IMO, the HTC One is an excellent product but it obviously wasn't enough to overcome the the brand recognition of Apple and Samsung.

It is nice to see an American company at the top. It will be interesting to see what Google does with Motorola long term.

I know many "techy" people - software, hardware engineers - who are perfectly happy with the iPhone.

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Also only apple and Samsung sell more phones than HTC and HTC can't get in on the snapdragon 800 party? Xioami got their hands on some snapdragon 800s. WTF is their market share in the u.s. again? (Disregard this comment if rumors are false that the one maxx will come with a snapdragon 600)

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Wait. Who says HTC won't ship a Snapdragon 800 phone?

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A rumor going around based on benchmark scores that are identical to the the Original HTC One.

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This is the time when Apple gets most of its sales, right after a new iPhone comes out. Apple share will drop over the next 8 months, and Samsung will release 3 new devices before the next iPhone is released.

If you'll read (not that) closely, you'll see these statistics are for a 3 month averaged period ending August 2013. Meaning this was before Apple released its new iPhones. I see what you're trying to say, but the numbers don't match up with your hypothesis. Apple's US market share is rising, and even during a period where its products are oldest in their lifecycles and ready to be replaced.

What's the world market share statistic? I think the US statistic shows correlation towards our subsidy model that hardly exists anywhere else.

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In America. In other countries, companies are not in charge.

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Not true. Show some credible statistics or stuff it. I never thought I'd find another reason to find Yankees fans annoying, but there you go.

Anecdotally, in my office I have only seen the opposite: a stark move away from iOS. A long-time iOS junkie asked me the other day which Android phone I suggested because he's switching. I was surprised but it seems to be a trend.

Nah, it will. No consumer products company can survive on just one product forever. However, the next 5 years are probably locked in for Apple.

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iPhone will likely overtake Android in the next year (in US). Carrier subsidy will help Apple a lot.

Android will likely win global share, but I feel like Android is getting stale.

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Phone market in general is stale in that most large jumps have been done. Now its larger this, different color that. Spec/performance wars are gamed as a marketing ploy, not true increase in everyday functionality. True innovation is throttled by greed that created the eco systems of Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Verizon, AT&T. Just six companies control everything in the mobile market.

Apple's uptick might have something to do with intro (if time frame fits) and heavy promotion on T-mobile, as well as being widely available other places like Virgin Mobile and Net10.

Clearly Android is in the lead over Apple.If all android phones where made by just one company such as Apple is.Well it would be in the lead :) Nuf said :p lol

I think this drop will continue slowly until Android 5.0 is released on devices other than the Nexus line. Unfortunately, that probably will not be released until next summer which means most devices won't be updated until 2015 which is really bad for Android. I hope they have a plan to bring 5.0 to devices faster or people are going to start getting bored of 4.X. No 4.5 Google, please.

Why are you so obsessed with Google's numbering system?

What's in a name/number, without features?

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Ridiculous. Firstly, the general consumer gravitates towards well-marketed products with a satisfying user experience and a USP - they couldn't care less about OS version numbers. Secondly, version numbers are essentially arbitrary and don't dictate how big or small changes to an OS are. Apple's Mac OS X has been stuck on 10.X for over decade, for instance, but the OS has progressed significantly during that time.

This. The problem between OS X 10.4 and 10.5 is probably bigger than the difference between Mac OS 7.0 and 8.0.

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What new iPhones came out in August? The fact that their sales increased before a new phone release says something.

For some reason average consumers love gimmicky features. That's why Samsung is at the top along with Apple.

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