Zune Home launcher replacement for Android

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't intrigued by what Windows Phone 7 will be bringing to the proverbial smartphone table in a few short months. And so when we ran across the Zune Home launcher replacement [via FrAndroid], I had to give it a shot. It's a 99-cent launcher replacement that roughly mimics the UI of the Zune and (even more roughly) Windows Phone 7. It's definitely not the same experience, though it has potential. Check out the video and download links after the break.

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Android Quick App: Zune Home launcher


Interesting. I hit a wall with my Zunes (after two failures on 120 gig models), and haven't taken the plunge with the HD model. I do like the Zune HD UI, though. As you said, if nothing else, it's something different.

I really hesitate to say this, especially because I really like this site but... I really hate the music in your videos Phil. Can you change it or get rid of it?

I love the music. What is it? And I actually think Phil should get more music like that because it's quite the background music.

This looks nice but it will be interesting to see where future development goes...the ZuneHD/WinPhone 7 UI (really called 'Metro UI') is subject to several Microsoft patents, and as everyone knows, they aren't afraid to flex that muscle.

Meh. I dunno, it's like everyone on Windows Mobile trying to emulate the iPhone look. At that point, why not just get an iPhone?

I prefer Android as is UI wise but I guess different strokes...and probably just an exercise to show the versatility of Android.

Now if we can just do the official root of Evo's Froyo ;)

The iPhone look? Windows Phone 7's UI looks nothing like Android or the iPhone. Unless you want to call "transitions" the iPhone look.... jeez

Well watching the video would just make too much sense....doh..I'll do that when i get home, my office filters any streaming media. Thanks!

I have had a Zune 80GB black model for 3 1/2 - 4 years now, and I simply love it. Talk about investing in something that will last a long time...and 80GB has really held up, I haven't ever run out of space and I have 3,643 songs on it and 61 videos, not to mention a bunch of pictures I never really look at much.

I'd love a Zune HD if it were free, or $50 or something cheap, but I just can't justify myself buying it when my 80GB zune still works perfectly. Zune HD didn't bring enough new to the table for me, unless this one broke.

get the cubed music player from Filipe Abrantes on the market, change the display mode to "boring" (i think thats what it's called)... not only is cubed the best music player IMO, that layout is also very zune-esque.