Crush the Castle for Android

Who doesn't love a good trebuchet? Who doesn't love castles? And who doesn't love using a trebuchet to knock down a castle? That brings us to Namco's Crush the Castle, an Android game that will undoubtedly bring to mind another game about surly avian creatures.

But what we have here is a simple premise. There's a trebuchet, and there's a castle, and one of 'em is gonna leave on the ground. There's a bit of a map element to it, so you move from castle to castle. To actually do the deed, you tap the screen once, starting the boulder on its way. Tap the screen again to send the large rock flying toward the castle and the inhabitants thereof. Knock 'em all down (and bloody them in the process), and you move on. The fewer the throws, the better your score (and reward from the king).

But a warning: Gameplay is quick. Very quick. It's pretty tough, actually. I'm not sure yet if that's going to keep me from playing the game, or infuriate me into playing it more.

Balancing that is the ability to actually create your own castles. There's something you don't see every day in an Android app -- you can build your own levels. Very, very cool.

And to top it all off, Crush the Castle is available for 99 cents. More screen shots and download info after the break.

Crush the CastleCrush the Castle

Crush the CastleCrush the Castle

Crush the CastleCrush the Castle

Crush the CastleCrush the Castle


Reader comments

Android Quick App: Crush the Castle


Crush the Castle has actually been out for a while. It was originally a flash game.

I have no idea if it was out before angry birds or not but it's been around a while. Regardless it's a lot of fun.

I don't care either way, I'm just glad to see more and more quality games coming out for Android. And actually angry birds is supposed to be coming out for Android sometime soon.

I like it. Graphically it is a bit basic, but gameply is smooth and not to hard. Maybe because I have been playing angry birds for a few months on my iPod, or the fact that I am playing this on my Incredible, but I think the difficulty level is just right.

This game is an absolute blast. I'm glad to see it getting press.

I got it earlier this weekend and have been playing it a lot at night. I almost have gold on everything. Definitely worth $0.99.

Though I will eventually make the move to Android from Apple, my motivation is halted due to crappy apps and games I see on the Android Market. My concern is augmented by the top 20 list posted here on Android Central. How can solitaire make a top 20? Seriously?!? One day, Android Market will triumph over the Apple Market, but the light is afar off... and hurry with Angry Birds!

This is one game I really really wanted on Android, finally :)

Physics seem just a tad bit different on here than on the flash version on armor games though :(

I loved the Flash version and after grabbing this yesterday I can't stop playing it. Highly recommended app. It's good to see quality games being made for Android!

Wow, 19MB? It's no big deal if you have a Droid 2 or X, you've got 8GB to work with! However Droid 1 people are scared off by 19MB.