The Android Market now has more than 70,000 applications, Google Senior VP of Product Management Jonathan Rosenberg said during Thursday's second-quarter earnings call. That's up from the 68,000 count Andy Rubin announced in June at the Motorola Droid X event, and it's a good bit lower than the 100,000 number Androlib has been throwing around. As to which is more correct? We'll go with the guys who run the store. Now we just need to make developers some more money.

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ceriem says:

I thought Apple had over 200,000 in their store?

Edit: nvm, though you said "Apple wss throwing around"

gbhil#AC says:

Any new Vibrant owners out there wanna try to see how many fit on their 16 GB of storage? lol

mprobert says:

Remember it is about the quality of apps not how many we have. I would argue most of the apps out there are completely useless. Some are even bizarre. Its the community that makes the phone, not the specs.

ruel24 says:

No, it's both. If a phone is crap, then it's crap. If the apps are crap, the phone is still crap.

Daniel0418 says:

the 100,000 is from all the Android markets combined throughout the world. (without doubles of course). 70,000 is only here in the United States... Actually I don't know where the 70,000 comes from exactly but there are definitely over 100,000 applications. Especially if you include the number of side loadable apps not even in the market.

icebike says:

Where do you find sideloads not in the market?
Are there alternative sites?

(The customary and usual cautions acknowledged in advance).

gbhil#AC says:
is a good place to start. And Mikandi of course ;)

xarophti says:

And a new app brings old Palm OS Graffiti to Android!!! Graffiti (1) fans, check out Graffiti for Android in the Market. Rocks!! Been waiting a long time for this (worlds better than MobileWrite). I feel like that guy in the double rainbow video...

JakeChance says:

Anyone having problems where an app hangs at "Starting Download" for up to half an hour?

zero1sd6 says:

yes 60,000 puzzle apps. and sexy pictures. lol

crxssi says:

More like 20,000 wallpapers, ringtones, etc, that are not even apps. And 20,000 duplications of programs due to paid vs non-paid, demo vs. non-demo, android version X vs. android version Y, etc.

So maybe 30,000 applications? But that is still a hell of a lot of apps...

bennish says:

the whole 'number' thing just makes me laugh.

iPhone is better because it has more apps?

In that case Windows must be better than any other OS - it has the most apps.

Mmmm logic.

mikandi says:

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