Wheels on the Bus

And just like that, Daddy's toys are cool again. Duck Duck Moose has brought its popular (and excellent) "Wheels on the Bus" kids app to Android. The music's simple, the song is clear, and it's got all the same interactive features as the iOS version, sure to keep young kids occupied. (At least it has mine.)

Wheels on the Bus is $1.99. Check out our fingers-on and find download links after the break.

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Android Kids App: Wheels on the Bus


This is what it's going to take for me to commit to an Android tablet. iPad has tons of kid friendly apps and that's what we use it for 60% of the time. I would prefer to stay android but this is what made us go to iOS (for a tablet anyway)

Looks good, but $1.99 for an app my child will outgrow? I would prefer to see the option to have an ad supported free version.

Wow really afraid to buy an app for 1.99 to keep your kid(s) entertained cause they will out grow it? Everything you get for your young kids they will out grow, my child has "out grown" his Wii, so I say spending a couple bucks is a lot better than 250. Add in the fact it is portable makes even more cents, (see what I did there) to me.

I bought the app and like it. BUT, the lyrics are wrong. They have "all over town" for the last phrase. It is "all through the town." How could they blow that one? A quick internet search could have verified the lyrics.

It's funny, people are so cheap, they won't spend $1.99 for an app for their kids, that would be $2.99 on Apple, but will buy them a $1.50 candy bar!

Excellent App!
Also try this app for kids that I recently tried. My daughter loves it.
Its called QuickPaint

It features Animal, fruits, vegetable, object drawings with voice
over to learn the names of objects and colors. It is also highly user
friendly. I recommend it.