Learn what MHL is and how it works with Phil and Michael 

A lot of work goes into those little MHL dongles you buy from Monoprice. Michael Bergen, senior partner alliance manager from MHL knows a thing or two about that. He spent a few minutes with Phil at the Samsung Developer Conference this afternoon.

The California-based MHL sets and controls the standards that millions of different products use when they need a fast, solid HD link between to smart devices. Partners all over the world build it into their products, and we imagine Michael is one busy man.

Have a listen and find out a little more about that little white box, and how plugging it in really works.

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Android Central Live: Senior partner alliance manager from MHL Michael Bergen


Damn Samsung and their 11 pin while everyone else is 5.

MHL is still a loose standard and fairly new to public acceptance

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I hated MHL on my GNex. Plugged in I still lost battery. Plus I had to be in airplane mode or video would cut out every 20 seconds on an OEM Samsung MHL adapter with a 3ft hdmi cable.

Posted via my Nexus 6 running 4.5 Lima Bean

Hi JohnnyZ. Sorry to hear that you experienced those issues. Some suggestions from our technical team. If you’d like to test it out again, we can also send you some MHL goodies.

1) Update the phone's firmware
2) Fully charge the phone and see if it happens again
3) Ensure the MHL cable connection to the phone is tight, remove the case if possible when connecting
4) Try a charger/dongle from the same phone brand
5) Return the phone for repair or replacement

-The MHL Team