This segment from Samsung Developers Live sees Phil chat with Samsung Marketing Manager, Technical Media and old friend Philip Berne. These two could go on for hours (and honestly, we wouldn't mind) but they spend a great 10 minutes talking about products, features and the future from Samsung.

They talk a little about cameras (including the hot new Galaxy NX), smart watches, and the future of Samsung's smart phones. Of course, we get a little bit of inside baseball from Philip, as he describes the reasons behind the trend of bigger and bigger smartphones (spoiler — we're asking for them) as well as his favorite device from his huge stash.

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Android Central Live: Inside Samsung with Philip Berne


Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung period even Philip Berne knows that.

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Please ask Philip Berne if he can encourage Samsung to put lanyard points back on the new device designs. I have on the GS2, but every phone since has lost that feature. If you use a phone as a camera a lot, a safety wrist strap is SUCH a good idea.

Awesome A C