With more than 1,300 attendees from over 33 countries, the Samsung Developers Conference is a perfect place to talk about Topi. Designed to help people get together (no, not that way) at places like a big conference, Topi keeps you connected both with others in your venue as well as the outside through popular social media sites.

Andrew got to spend a few minutes with Topi co-founder and CEO David Aubespin, and we had a look at the app along with the customizations made just for SDC13. 

The most important thing at any conference of this nature is soaking in as much information as you can. Topi can handle your groups and schedule, so you can focus on just that. Have a look via the Google Play link above.

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Android Central Live: Get connected with David from Topi


Could someone look at the levels on the videos from this event, the audio levels on all of them seem low and some are very low. Could someone normalise them?