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Back when Google unveiled the Galaxy Nexus, we were shown a pretty cool time-lapse video that was recorded using nothing but the phone. I was curious if there was something out there that'd let all the non-Galaxy Nexus users (see: all of us) do the same thing. What I found was Lapse It.

Lapse It is a free app that takes a snapshot every couple of seconds (at an interval you decide) and then strings them all together into one nice, complete time-lapse video. It's all pretty straightforward, and if you're only using the free app, there's not too many settings to jiggle with, aside from the time interval.

If you upgrade to the full app (through an in-app purchase), you'll unlock more settings, like the ability to change the resolution you're recording in. The settings menu also boasts options for geolocation, scheduling a time-lapse recording, and what time scale you should use (minutes or seconds), to name a few.

There's also options for rendering, like what encoder to use, the quality to record in, and how many frames per second movies should be rendered in. One of the truly great features of Lapse It is the fact you can export videos in a variety of different speeds, straight out of the app.

For example, that's the same video in the clip up there, just exported at two different speeds. Lapse It lets you view the video at your determined speed inside of the app, so you don't have to keep exporting and getting your ideal speed through trial and error.

My only complaint is that once you've upgraded using the in-app purchase, you need to force close Lapse It and reopen the app for all of the new features to activate. It's a small thing, I know, but still something I'd like to see ironed out.

If you're the type to go crazy with time-lapse (claymation, anyone?), then go and grab Lapse It. It's free, only sets you back about two bucks for all the features, and brings the joy of time-lapse recording to everyone, not just those snarky bleeding edge, Galaxy Nexus owners-to-be.

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Android App Review: Lapse It


Haha, I had the same curious thoughts as you did after seeing the Nexus. Searched and found this same app. It works really well on the Incredible.

you need to force close Lapse It and reopen the app for all of the new features to activate.

Or just reboot the phone?

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