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Social media is all the rage these days. From Facebook rolling out their new layout, Google+ collecting members at a record rate, or Twitter doing whatever it does, seems like you can't click on a link or sign up for Spotify venture onto any part of the without someone's status, checkin, or tweet smacking you in the digital face.

ChannelCaster: Social News looks to further the concept of social in the news space by letting you follow sources you find interesting as well as browse and check out public channels other users have put together.

The whole interface of ChannelCaster feels reminiscient of some of the more eye-candy laden apps, like Pulse. All of your sources (or feeds or whatnot) are listed on your main screen and tapping one takes you to a Timeline-esque list of the most recent happenings from that source. It's a bit difficult to explain (and chaotic sounding), but it's actually quite cool.

You can even link up your Facebook and Twitter accounts to ChannelCaster and check on people's latest updates from within the app. From what I've gathered, it's read-only right now, so don't expect to update from within the app.

Honestly, ChannelCaster is something that just needs to be seen and experienced for you to truly get the effect of it. It's a very cool approach to news, and it's made by OneLouder Apps, the same developers who brought us FriendCaster and TweetCaster, so you know it's good.

Seriously, try it out. It's free, and I think you might just like it. For those who are about to rock, there's more pictures and download links after the break.

ChannelCaster: Social NewsChannelCaster: Social NewsChannelCaster: Social NewsChannelCaster: Social NewsChannelCaster: Social NewsChannelCaster: Social NewsChannelCaster: Social News


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Android App Review: ChannelCaster


"OneLouder" was better before the name change. I have issues with ALL third-party Facebook apps due to the API they have to use (which blocks many of my Friends' updates from being visible), and TweetCaster has a timeline bug that causes it to randomly open in the wrong place.

As to ChannelCaster, it's a good idea. I tried it, and deleted it.

This drains my battery just as fast as pulse unfortunately. I lost 2% in 4minutes. It also force closed in that short amount of use.

I like this app quite a bit, been using since beta. Shameless plug but if you like this app check out the Android Channel I created called Android 360.