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We have seen tons of replacement launchers surface, many of them bringing plenty of cool features, and added customization, but BIG Launcher is unlike any we have seen. BIG Launcher is geared toward users who may have a bit of trouble seeing the screen, finding the icon they are looking for, or accurately tapping the right places.

The launcher offers you a home screen which contains six large icons in addition to the time and date. From the home screen you can easily access the phone, messages, camera, gallery, SOS, or the app drawer.

The application drawer is in list form with large text, and decent sized icons, making it easy to find what you are looking for. Every aspect of the launcher is created to cater to those who have difficulty seeing, and you can tell this by the large font and the colorful icons making it easy to tell exactly what it is.

No longer do you have to struggle searching for things, and squinting your eyes to try to read what you are doing, instead simply download this launcher and make things easier for yourself! For only $1.35 in the market you can take your new confusing Android device, and simplify the experience for yourself. Hit the break for more images and download links.

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Big Launcher


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Android App Review: BIG Launcher


This is perfect for my oldest son and anyone else who struggles with fine motor skills. Kudos to the developer(s)!

My dad is has never used a computer other than terminal based linux software for business and is very computer illiterate. He just got a myTouch 4G and this would be cool for him. I think I will have to try it to see if it is good for him. Thanks!

You could always email the developer and offer to translate it for him if he doesn't speak spanish. Collaboration like that makes the open source world a better place.

Actually, one of my husband's complaints about the Android is that it is sometimes difficult to read with his Nystagmus-ridden eyes. So this could be useful.

Oh yes, and Nystagmus is a great Scrabble word, btw.

Great launcher for the visually impaired, good work on this developers.
I appreciate this as I have horrible eyesight, I don't need a specialized launcher yet.
But one day I will, it's inevitable :)

Thank you For bringing this app to my attention, planning and giving my mother my old droid bionic. She's 68 years old never used any kind of smart phone. Just got or using a computer about 2 years ago, she still struggling with it other than basic functions. I was very worried she wouldn't be a will to figure the phone out. Then I have to get this out for her, perfect timing.