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Amazon has seven great apps for free in this one-day promotion

Amazon has a big app promotion going on today in their app store, and they are offering seven great apps in their freee productivity app bundle. These are popular applications that plenty of folks think are well worth their normal price, all free for Sunday July 14 only.

The apps are:

  • WiFi File Explorer Pro by Dooblou (normally 99-cents)
  • Documents To Go (Full Version Key) by DataViz, Inc. (normally $14.95)
  • PrinterShare Mobile Print by Dynamix USA, LLC (normally $12.95)
  • Tasks N Todos Pro by Handy Apps Inc (normally $5.99)
  • Splashtop Remote Desktop HD by Splashtop Inc. (normally $8.99)
  • Spacedraw Key by Scalisoft (normally $4.99)
  • Splashtop Remote Desktop by Splashtop Inc. (normally $4.99)

You'll need the Amazon app store installed to buy these, and keep it installed while you're using them. This sounds like a great way to save some serious cash, and score some really nice apps while doing it.

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Amazon offering free productivity app bundle today only


I don't see anywhere where I could download these for free. I have the Amazon app so where should I download these from?

On the Amazon App's main screen just swipe the featured App banner, should be the item right after Free App of the Day

Posted via Android Central App

You have to adjust your security settings to permit third party applications. With so many scares about downloading apps that are not fom Google Play, how safe is this action?

I've always turned it off when needed then turned it back on again afterwards.

Posted from HTC One via Android Central App

That might be fine for initial download, but what about updates? Do you turn your security off/on at every updates? How do you trust updates not from Google Play? Paranoid, I know, but can you blame me?

amzn sends a notification about an app when i download update i change security setting and as soon as update is complete i change it back....pretty easy and 2(?) more clicks than an update from goog

Ugh, the Amazon app. Periodically forgets my (tough, 12 character) password, requiring manual reentry. :-P

Splattered for your amusement... via the AC App

Like this morning...! :-(

And, NO, you can't paste into the login fields from Keepass or Lastpass. Amazon Apps app = $LAME.

Splattered for your amusement... via the AC App

Each time that happens your device is considered a new device and uses up one of the 24 devices allowed to access the your appstore account. I got a warning the other day that I had maxed out and needed to remove some devices.

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Scroll sideways, bub..... :-\

BTW, the Splashtop apps are 2 yrs old ("optimized for Honeycomb"), superseded by a current version 2.x. No bargain there.

Splattered for your amusement... via the AC App

I see it now....DUH! When I read free app of the day I think singular since it doesn't say apps, and then I close it down. Blonde moment, I feel so silly.

Thanks Jerry! I know a couple of people who have been looking go get these types of apps. Forwarding your post to them now.

I rather give the devs there money than deal with amazon god awful update approval process. *cough* angry birds *cough*

Nice deal, but when I checked the apps individually (on the computer, where they still show up as $0), I had most of them already. Since the only Android apps I normally get from Amazon are the daily freebies, I'm assuming these were also free in the past and I picked them up then. This is a good opportunity for anyone who missed them to get them though.

Same here. I've had the Amazon app store since it first came out and have gotten pretty much every single good free app of the day from amazon, which is most of the ones in the sale. They're all good apps, Documents to Go, Printshare and Splashtop are must haves

For the people who haven't snagged these yet, do it.

You don't need to have the app on your phone to get these. Just sign in from your browser. It just saves them to your account.

Useful, perhaps, but these apps are butt ugly. Most look like they haven't been updated since gingerbread and request a ton of unnecessary permissions (why does a printer app need my texts?!).

Sure, buy these while they're free... but I wouldn't recommend any, and suggest you uninstall asap.

So it can print your texts. These apps are quite useful and highly recommended. Splashtop is fantastic on a cellphone I can't wait for a tablet to use it. A free office suite is fanatic and printing from your phone for free is great.

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If you don't see it when you swipe sideways you'll have to update the Appstore app. I had an older version and had to upgrade to get these to show. Maybe they aren't the latest/greatest, but the price is right. If I had paid $10 I might be complaining, but when I paid $0 I won't.

I was able to purchase these through the Amazon website without having to open up the amazon app on my phone. I'm not sure why Jerry says you have to use the app.

For me the main app that I use from this bundle is the Documents to Go office suite, but I want to share how I have it installed because I like the faster updates that usually come from the Play Store.

I always install the free version from the Play Store and then download the Full Version Key from the Amazon app store, just to make sure I get updates for the app as they drop since Amazon tends to not push out app updates as frequently.

Thanks for sharing this Jerry, I rarely even open the Amazon App Store these days as I feel their FAOTD choices have not had much to interest me in awhile.

Awesome find thanks. I made sure to "purchase" all of the free apps so they will go in my cloud. I will try a few of them out but they look good so far. I never bothered with the amazon app store but I will keep on eye on the freebies from now on.

This is awesome! I got in on all the apps listed except for Spacedraw and Docs To Go. Already have the full Docs To Go and don't think I'll ever use Spacedraw.

The Wifi Explorer is awesome! Great app and works like a charm.

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Also forgot to mention, I purchased LogMeIn for Android last year and have been using it without issues other then not being able to get it to install on my work laptop, so I got Splashscreen just to see if that one would work on my work laptop (cruising fingers).

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Damn it. So close.. Missed this yesterday on AC and now the consolation prize is "dr. Panda's Daycare" F.M.L.