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There is no doubt about it; ever since the launch Android, Amazon has been looking for better ways to take their piece of the proverbial pie. Aside from having cool deals on phones they've launched apps, cloud services, a music store and now the push is on to entice users into using their own app store. For Amazon, who says Android devices are they're best sellers when it comes to mobile devices-- this is big business users are benefiting.

Not only do they give away a free app each day -- a new promotion happening now and for the next week has Amazon offering up a $25 credit to their app store for anyone who purchases a Verizon device in that time. (Yeah, we know-- lame that it is limited)  Still, not a bad deal if you're looking to pick up a new Android device [@amazonwireless]


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Amazon now offering $25 Amazon Appstore credit with Android device purchases


Just get the free app everyday. You don't even have to install them until you feel like it. Gotten around $50 worth of apps I never would have bought.

Bonus: Your purchases are tied to your account. If you have 2 phones, you can install those free apps on both.

I am LOVING the Free Paid App A Day. Some are crap, but there have been A LOT of good ones! (SwiftKey Keyboard, Soundhound Infinity, Fancy Widget Pro, Fruit Ninja, PicSay Pro, TuneIn Radio Pro, WeatherBug Elite, etc.)