The Amazon Appstore is pushing a minor update tonight, bumping it up to release 1.11. It looks like nothing major, just some miscellaneous fixes and improvements, all listed in the screenshot above. Jump on the Appstore icon when it appears in your notification bar to install the update, and for those unsure whether or not they have the latest version, you can check the release number on the app's settings page.


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Amazon Appstore pushing minor update, brings some fixes and improvements


Did this update fix angry bird seasons cause every time I try and update the app it FC the amazon app store.

One of the things I don't like about the amazon app store....updates. How do we know they are available? If they are, how do we get them if we haven't yet? (not that it really matters w/ this instance...but it is one of a handful of things the Market has up on Amazon).

I knew that an update was available when a message showed up on my notification bar indicating there was an update available. This happened both for my Honeycomb tablet and Froyo phone.

The App Store still has a major flaw that hasn't been fixed yet.
If you install an application, and then uninstall it at some point, it remains in the update folder. It doesn't disappear. When you install a trial version of an application, later install the full version after uninstalling trial, the trial remains in the update folder. This is very annoying as the list gets quite long.
One other thing.... If an app is installed by the Market, the App Store needs to recognize this and not offer the same update. Same is true in reverse.