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Amazon has launched their long-awaited Appstore, which will provide another avenue for users to download Android apps from. There's one problem though: AT&T users cannot yet access it due to the carrier's restriction on 3rd party app downloads. 

Amazon has listed that they are working with AT&T on a solution that will allow users to download the app, but as of right now, it is restricted. 

Until then though, we still have our Sideload Wonder Machine, which still allows the installation of 3rd party apps on carriers *cough* AT&T, who restrict users from choosing to download 3rd party apps. []


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Amazon Appstore not yet officially available on AT&T devices


somewhat off topic, but why would Google allow a competitive market?? I like having the choice as a user but I would not allow it if I was Google...

This is really none of Google's business. If you wanted to have an app store and have developers build for your store you can do it. Android is open source. The "Android Market" specifically belongs to Google. That's about it.

Amazon is not the only company to have a separate app store for android although they are the most well known. I don't think this is going to be as big a deal as people think unless Amazon can get apps and games that Google cant like Hulu and Netflix I highly doubt it.

Ethical reasons aside, Google probably doesn't care about this very much. The Android isn't nearly as controlled and monetized for Google as the Apple App Store is for Apple. The real cash cow for Google is the mobile advertising money that they get through Android, not app sales. From an app perspective, pretty much anything that keeps us happy and pulls in new users is good for Google.

Actually, there is a non-compete clause in the developer's terms of service (for selling on the marketplace). From what I understand, they don't want people putting competing markets in the marketplace.

ATT will never get a dime from me anymore. Been down that road and not going back. They take restrictions to a new level.

While you can use the wonder loader to get the app store on your art phone, after that its useless. The apps you get from amazon wont install and you can't use the loader for those.

While you can use the wonder loader to get the app store on your att phone, after that its useless. The apps you get from amazon wont install and you can't use the loader for those.

What will be interesting to see is how access to the Amazon App store will be once AT&T buys T-Mobile and eliminates their name.

Actually, you can find the apk for an app you download from the Amazon app store in the file on your storage card in the Android/data/ directory. You can then use that apk file to sideload your amazon apps. I am running Angry Birds (paid) and Angry Birds Rio (free) on a non-rooted inspire via this method. Not a very pretty jog, but someone's got to do it.

Installed the Amazon app store application on my Nexus one, and used it to buy an another app and it all worked perfectly. Even over at&t, but then it is a Nexus One.

Uninstall the Amazon app store app. Won't be reinstalling it till it gains app2sd capability.

The application is installed i'll keep.

If you dislike these AT&T restrictions NOW is the time to be very vocal about it.

Don't waste your time bitching on a blog.

Write to the FTC consumer complaints division or your congressman to put the screws to at&t to loosen up.

i dont really get this, why would AT&T care?

and cant you really just uncheck block installation from unknown sources?

Installed the official amazon store app.
Went to load and install angry birds rio, system crashes on install.
Uninstalling amazon store app

I am having the same issue on my Verizon Droid X. I've downloaded Angry Birds Rio several times now and it will not install. I've rebooted, redownloaded and it just says that it could not be installed.

Angry Birds Rio looks FANTASTIC on the Atrix! Much nicer game overall and at least different from the standard Angry Birds!

Oh and thanks for nothing AT&T you POS company! Thank god for root!

So the Atrix can load amazon apps but the HTC Inspire cant unless rooted. I sideload the amazon app on my phone it works until I try to install the app then go through the whole crap of being block.

Well so much for that.

AT&T will work with Amazon before Amazon pull there kindle apps off att android market then they be screw.

Like one of the posts above says: once you download the app via the AppStore, you can find the APK that you downloaded in \Data\\cache.

It will not necessarily have the name you expect, but it does have a .ADK extension, and the file time/date will match when you completed the download. Copy it to your computer and used Sideload Wonder to install it.

I just did it on my non-rooted, Stock ROM Inspire.

I have the same issue downloading the Rio app from Amazon App store. I saw a way to do it but I am unable to go to this location (\Data\\cache.) on my phone. I use HTC Aria. Can you please let me know how to navigate to this place.

Just one more reason why EVERYONE on AT&T needs to root their phones or get off AT&T. This will only going to get worse once the T-Mobile sale goes through. Feel bad for all the t-mo customers who are only with T-mo because of the crap AT&T and Verizon deal out.

I don't get the point of this App store. Other than Angry Birds Rio every other app you can find on the Market place and it's not like the prices are any better. I'll be impressed when I see exclusive iPhone titles showing up

Works great on my Captivate and my wife Inspire. Both phones are not rooted. you can find the APK that you downloaded in Android\Data\\cache.

I have been using sidewinder to access the Amazon App store for several weeks but this morning I went to Amazon and I was able to load directly to the phone. No restrictions!!!
Samsung Captivate 2.2 (Not rooted)