Age of Empires World Domination

Summer is about to get a lot better now that we know of a new mobile game coming to Windows Phone, Android and iOS. Fans of the Age of Empires series will be especially excited to learn of a new game coming. Microsoft and KLab have announced Age of Empires: World Domination for mobile coming this summer.

Age of Empires: World Domination will feature an all new battle system that’s been redesigned for mobile. Look forward to playing as the Celts, Vikings, Franks and Huns in this free-to-play game. Age of Empires is collection of real-time time strategy games published by Microsoft Studios. The first game, Age of Empires, launched in 1997 and was well received by most critics. We can’t wait to get our hands on this. Anyone else looking forward to playing some Age of Empires on their smartphone? Sound off and let us know below.

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kf7eqj says:

Looking forward to this!

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luke31 says:

Oh wow, I grew up on the original game. One of my all time favorites. The Free to Play designation worries me, though. I'd rather just pay like $5 for a quality, full product.

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dumbcow1 says:

God me too =( don't let Age of Empires be ruined by microtransactions... Or pay for extra turns daily or some crap. I feel a massive flop incomming =(

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ryanmtech says:

Same here. This will ruin the whole game for me if that is implemented.

mark0309 says:

Same here played AOE from 8th to College online

steveb24 says:

Free to play?? Gawd dammit, Microsoft. I love the AoE series, but may very well not even install this if the IAPs are insane like most other F2P games. That's why Age of Empires Online sucked and failed.

Just let me pay a fair price for the damn game and be done with it!

HHammack1 says:

LOL! You'll be able to buy it outright on WP8. On Android it will be free with IAP, just to piss off Android users.

Missy101 says:

Awesome! So excited for this!

achavess says:

Same here, I´d rather pay for a full app than in app purchase games

nash oliver says:

I still play AOE2 on the PC. You betcha I can't wait

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dumbcow1 says:

I still play AOE2 and Empire Earth

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Badcam3 says:

IAP ruins everything xD. It's Ruined. What they will do is slow down the pace of the game by like 30 and then charge you to get more people and to speed up the game.

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Kolten Nay says:

If its turn based I will rage

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AOE2 is one of my all-time favorite games. I hope this version is more like 2 than 3.

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Kwame Govine says:


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The game looks decent; nothing too amazing. I've always been a fan of Age of Empires since the beginning. These graphics and animations don't seem similar to the previous games which really turns me off. IMO they should have considered pricing the game at around $2.99 and if sales weren't satisfying they could take the IAP approach.

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savdini says:

Habba dagger.. Dalorin dalorin

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ryaninc says:

Please no in app purchases, please no in app purchases, please no in app purchases. I'd rather pay $5 or $10 for the game and have it be the FULL game than have it be ruined by stupid pay-for-energy crap.

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natefish says:

So say we all!

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natefish says:

Sweet. I love when quality rts games make it to mobile platforms. Thanks for telling us.

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dovlek says:

Wow this is great!

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xxGBHxx says:

WIll it be pvp? I doubt it, but that's the only way I play it.

rocket321 says:

I agree, loved the PC games, these graphics actually look worse than the PC games in the 90s, but hopefully they are just early alpha renders. Also, in app purchase is a bad move here. I would have paid a few bucks like others have said.

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Regulator says:

Is Age of Empires like the old school Warcraft 1-3? I have been looking for a game like that. I wish Blizzard would turn those into mobile games. I tried to put my Warcraft 2 disk in but apparently Windows 7 didn't like the Windows 95 disc and it wouldn't read it.

ironwill989 says:


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mughni says:

I just hope its not "freemium" i just hate those apps

TonyHove says:

Still have fond memories of playing the Original Age of Empires. Can't wait for it to make a return :)

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JimBen73 says:

I grew up on the age series. Looking forward to this

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Yh I can remember playing AOE on my cousins PC in 98 and getting addicted right away. Make it happen pls, I'd rather pay €5 for a good product than free
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moustafa rai says:

Fuck yeaaahhhh
Finalyyy yess
Fuck all android games
Except this game
My battery will die at summer;-)

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LB LB says:

Hope they won't make it too different, like what happened to "Dungeon Kepper" .

qdigga says:

LOVE AoE. Still play Age of Kings and Age of Mythology, years and years after release. Best gaming times was when I founded and ran an AoE scenario design team. Looking forward to this!

Wow! Tak sabar nk try cuba test!

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steveb24 says:

This is terrible news. I love AoE, but hate IAPs.

John Nemesh says:

I CAN'T WAIT for "Free to Pay" apps to die a horrible death! Why can't we just get a good game and pay $15-$20? No, they have to bleed us in perpetuity for the dubious "privilege" of playing their shitty game!

Voxophone says:

I grew up on the first one, and still play it to this day. But as others have said, I feel like this will be a micro-transaction hell. If there's even a single one, I won't be downloading it. I can't stand micro-transactions and I seriously hope they die soon...

wezi427 says:

I was a huge fan of this series. I'm sure that there will be IAP's, which will then some people away from playing. Like others have mentioned I'd rather pay a premium to avoid ads and IAP's. The game looks a little too cartoonish also, but as long as the game play is good I'll be able to overlook it.

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