Adidas miCoach Fit Smart

At its annual I/O conference yesterday, Google unveiled the Google Fit health tracking platform that allows devs to build apps that can fetch data from a slew of wearable devices. While no devices were mentioned at the event, a series of leaks today suggest that Adidas is getting set to launch a smartband that runs on the platform.

Dubbed miCoach Fit Smart, Adidas' smartband looks like an improved version of the miCoach Smart Run with an LED dot display. While there is no mention of the actual hardware used in the device, the FCC leak mentions that the device connects using Bluetooth 4.0 LE, while the images indicate that it could feature a heart rate sensor positioned at the back.

Adidas was named as one of the partners at the Google Fit announcement, so it is plausible that the miCoach Fit Smart is the first wearable from the sports brand that runs on the platform.

What do you think of the smartband? Do you normally use fitness trackers to track your health?

Source: FCC, Keller Sports, LegalForce; Via: Engadget


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Adidas' upcoming miCoach Fit Smart smartband leaked, may run Google Fit


I use my pebble to control music while I'm working out but I like the idea or fitness trackers. I want something cheap that tracks as much data as possible. Maybe this one will be right for me.

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I wouldn't really call this an improved version of the miCoach Smart Run since it probably doesn't have its own GPS but I'm interested. If this can provide feedback from my running app, give accurate heart rate readings and if priced well (it ought to be without a proper LCD display) then this may be what i been looking for.

I'm with you. I'm a fan of all the bells and whistles but for a wearable I want it mainly for fitness. The only device that has my attention otherwise is the moto 360. This looks like what I'm looking for for fitness.

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I would love my smartwatch to have a heartrate monitor but I could see using this and the Moto 360 to cover my bases.

GPS Is a must for a fitness tracker I think and being able to be separated from your phone too. An extension of your phone is one thing but I would guess lots of people like a good running/fitness watch so they don't need to carry their phone. I recently bought a Garmin Forerunner 15 GPS and activity tracker, heart rate compatible - pretty cheap and cheerful but seems to bridge the gap between activity tracker and fitness watch...not wearable android tech but personally I would like someone to incorporate all 3 markets.

Absolutely. GPS is the make or break selling point for me. I currently use the TomTom GPS Running Watch. I would love a watch / fitness band that can be independent of my phone, use GPS to track my running, load music onto, and have bluetooth connectivity for headphones, all while being rain/sweat resistant. The MotoActv from a few years ago came close, but to date no one has really bundled up all the features I'm looking for.

The miCoach Smart Run is probably the closest thing since MotoActv, but its just too darn expensive ($400). I agree with you that GPS is a must, but i decided a while ago that even if i had a proper GPS running watch i'm still going to run with my phone for anyways for music, safety, etc. So a device that can utilize the GPS in my phone and provide feedback on my arm for nice price would be a good compromise. If this device can't do that then I'll wait for the Moto 360 and see what it can do. At that looks like it would be a decent looking all-day smart watch as well. If that doesn't work I'll probably bite the bullet and get a TomTom runner or Garmin.

Wait I thought Fit was like a "news aggregator" persay for fitness trackers. Like Apple's Health and HealthKit. So its an operating system?