Acer C720 Chromebook

Canada, France, Germany and U.K. can now get their hands on the entry-level 2GB RAM model

Availability of the Acer C720 Chromebook from Google Play is expanding outside of the U.S. for the first time since its launch, heading to four new countries as of today. Now Chrombook buyers in the U.K., Canada, France and Germany have a new option for buying the $229 / £199 laptop, building on hit-or-miss availability from other retailers like Amazon.

For your money you'll be getting the same C720 as the other retailers are pushing — that means the standard non-touch screen and 2GB of RAM paired with a 16GB SSD and an Intel Celeron processor. You'll still have to head out to another retailer if you're interested in having 4GB of RAM or 32GB of storage and a touchscreen (that model's called the C720P).

But if you don't care much about the specifics and want what is still one of the best Chromebooks out there, you can now get the C720 straight from Google.

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Acer C720 Chromebook now available from Google Play in 4 new countries


I don't have the experience could you please tell do you feel like using a tablet and can you use excel sheet I mean office work on this pls guide Thank you

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You can't use MS Office on it, but it supports Google Docs (which has a spreadsheet app) very well. Google Docs can edit XLS documents and export into XLS, but it's not a full replacement for Excel.

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "do I feel like using a tablet," but I can tell you that I do not use the touchscreen on the Chromebook at all, ever. I don't see the point of it, as interacting with the keyboard and touchpad is much more efficient.

I got this exact Chromebook around 30 days ago. While the lack of Microsoft office was initially tough for me as a student and someone who works professionally in IT, Google fixed that with Docs add-ons. My biggest problem was managing sources and formatting APA papers, however with the add-on's all of those problems are fixed.

In regards to feeling like a tablet, i would say no. I enjoy the battery life of a tablet (8-9 hours) but with the comfort of a real keyboard and screen.

Overall it is the best of both worlds and I am VERY happy with my purchase.

Some of my coworkers and friends were curious and asked for a mini-review. So I wrote this up on one of my many failed attempts at blogs :-)

I would be happy to answer any other questions you might have.

I don't see it mentioned in your linked review, but how is the touchpad on this thing? I've been considering this for a few weeks, which is surprising because I never thought I would buy an Acer again. But, I heard that they're newer stuff is getting much better.

The biggest issue I see with just about every Chromebook and ultrabook is terrible touchpad.

It's not great, but it's serviceable. Certainly a heck of a lot better than I expected from a $250 notebook. It has a plasticky feel (er, probably because it's plastic...) but it is plenty sensitive, and the sensitivity is adjustable in settings. Two-finger tap functions like a right-click, and a two-finger swipe does browser back/forward. Three-finger swipe gives you window-select. It functions like a shittier-feeling MacBook touchpad, basically.

Thanks for the quick reply. I'll probably head up to Futureshop this evening and test drive one in store while I wait for it to hit the Canada Play Store (not there yet). I would just buy it from FS, but they only carry white, which looks ugly in my opinion.

I agree with the poster above, good not great. Coming from a 2008 macbook it was a downgrade but it was better than all the other chromebook touchpads I tried. Still very usable.

Yeah, that's a good point. I should have qualified my first comment by saying that my primary computer is a MacBook Pro, so pretty much any non-Mac touchpad is going to be a big step down for me. The C720 touchpad compares much more favorably against my work computer (Lenovo ThinkPad) than against my MacBook.

That's interesting. My last two laptops were a Dell XPS L502X and a Thinkpad T500, and I thought both had excellent trackpads. Though, I have never used a Macbook trackpad, so I have no idea how they compare to others personally.

Funny you should say that, my primary work computer is a T530, and I like the Acer touch pad better than the lennovo. Once I turned up the sensitivity on the chromebook touchpad, I find it very usable.

Yeah, I agree. As I said above, I'm comparing it primarily to a MacBook, and touchpads at the one thing that Apple truly does much better than anyone else. I would say that the C720's touchpad is as good or better than the one on my work laptop, which is a T420.

I like the touchpad better than both my Dell and Toshiba laptops. I find it very nice.. and get frustrated now with my windows machines when I have to use those touchpads.

Good news to see this and the chromecast finally available in Canada!

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I prefer the Acer because it has a Intel Haswell CPU. Which means that I can install crouton ( And in crouton, I run skype and a few windows apps via wine. Wine is only possible because the underlying CPU is intel. Whereas the sammy has an exynos CPU and not able to run windows programs.

I have this as well and absolutely recommend it. I have the 2GB non-touchscreen version and have no complaints. It gets used a lot by my wife and I. Battery life is fantastic and it is fast. The 2GB "limitation" has been a non-issue so far.

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I do get screen redraw issues when I have a lot of tabs open. It's not a huge complain, considering that I don't use this computer for anything terribly strenuous, but I would definitely recommend that anyone go for the 4GB model if it's available.

I've said it a million times... this device would be much better served by including 4GB of memory and keeping it at the same price point by forgetting about the touchscreen.

The article has an error - the C720P has just 2gb of RAM. There is a 4gb version of the regular C720.

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