Acer C270 Chromebook

With a price under $200, Acer and Google want to catch your eyes this holiday season

Acer has expanded their Chromebook line this morning, and the new C7 (C720-2848) is available for ordering in the US today for just $199. For your money, you're getting a package that should be familiar to folks who were interested in the prior Acer C7 Chromebook, save one line item — the RAM. 

The new C7 comes with just 2GB of RAM, but also has the same Haswell architecture, 11.6-inch screen and 16GB SSD. The current C7, which will remain available — there are no plans to replace it just yet — comes with 4GB of RAM, and a $249 price tag.

Certainly Acer and Google want to get your attention with the price, and any computer listing at $199 is worth a second look. But will new users be able to adapt to Chrome OS? For many, web consumption as a primary goal is currently done on a tablet, and being productive means getting out the laptop that can run Microsoft Office or a code editor. Shifting to Chrome comes with a learning curve, and there are still things you just can't do with it.

In the end, we think you're better served spending the extra $50 to get the 4GB version if you're buying, especially if you're planning to do any work — now or in the future as the OS matures — from a Chromebook. 

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Acer and Google release $199 C7 Chromebook


I'm tempted but...meh. The only thing I'd use it for is to give presentations of powerpoints saved on my google drive (which it'd be perfect for), but my lenovo from 2007 already does this just fine...

Doesn't the older C7 run on baytrail and use a spinning drive? If that's the case, the extra $50 regardless of increase in ram seems excessive for the hit you take in battery life for performance. Subjective I guess.

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Why waste your money on the C7, when the C720-2800 is a much better deal? Haswell processor, 4GB RAM, $249 price point? Personally, I went with the HP Chromebook 14 and haven't looked back, but the C720-2800 is right up a lot of people's alleys.

Andrew -- in Jerry's post, he recommended getting the older C7 with the hard drive if you want 4GB Ram. My statement is that wouldn't be smart as the newer C720-2800 based on Haswell architecture and 4GB ram is out for the exact same price. I'd provide a link on Amazon but it gets tagged as spa

In the end, we think you're better served spending the extra $50 to get the 4GB version if you're buying, especially if you're planning to do any work — now or in the future as the OS matures — from a Chromebook. 

He recommends getting the 4GB version of the C7, which in this case is the same exact model but with more RAM. Don't buy the old one in any case. You want the new components and processor.

So is this a good option for kids who have to type up reports, do research online, print out homework, etc?

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That's who Chromebooks was made for. People who most of their stuff on the internet, mainly kids, teens and the like. Great for researching on the internet, using Google cloud print, and typing on Google docs.

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It's a good option for anyone who does a lot of word processing, email, web surfing etc.

Unless you need a laptop that runs specialized software such as Photoshop, or are looking to play tons of graphics heavy games, it's a good option for ANYONE.

I picked up the last version of this Acer and its great for a second machine. Does most everything we need for an internet laptop. Got mine under $179 and for that modest amt, its a winner winner chicken dinner!

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Acer needs to shove the guts from this into a cheap convertible with windows 8.1 and compete with the Asus T100 (I got one at 350$ and love it except for the build quality but if I'm not mistaking this celeron chip is faster than bay trail right?)

Yeah the atom in the Asus T100 was a big mistake, It's painfully laggy when trying to do anything(I was installing office and the letters wouldn't pop up till after a second of typing unless I typed really slow). Also, the keyboard keys seem a lot smaller than these chromebooks probably due to the 10 inch size.

I'm really tempted to take the plung with this chromebook! Can someome with one do me a favour and see if the Kingsoft office app is available for chromebooks? Its the best office solutions app I've ever encountered on android and is totally free.

Look at the chrome web store or try living in the chrome browser with Google Apps and Chromeweb store apps, experience is much better on a chromebook but you do get the idea of how it all works - I personally have one and it is great for a second computer as it can do all your daily tasks such as word processing, web browsing, YouTube, music (basically anything your windows machine could do without the use of native apps, just web apps integrated into the elegant and beautiful chrome os system)

I would still recommend trying one in a retail store first and only purchase it if all of your daily activities can be completed on a chromebook otherwise best buying a cheap windows machine that will lag like hell, give repeated error messages about anything and everything or get locked down by new virus's such as cryptolocker.....

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It's a real shame the 4gb version isn't available in the UK, only the 2gb version. I'd definitely have bought the 4 gig version!

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Yeah the UK get screwed again. I popped into PCWorld and couldn't even find this for sale only the older Acer C7 and the Samsung Series 3 chromebook. What a joke!

This is a really waste a of money. Why would any one get this? You c an only run chrome when you can a tablet with android or even better a regular laptop with windows. I see no point in this

As mentioned in many comments, Chromebooks are a great choice for users that spend most of their time on the web, as a 2nd family computer, in schools, etc. Especially at the C720 prices. But what if you want to do some work from home, and your company uses Windows applications (like MS Office)?

You can use a product like Ericom AccessNow, an HTML5 RDP solution that enables Chromebook users to connect to Terminal Servers and/or VDI virtual desktops, and run Windows applications or desktops in a browser tab.

There's nothing to install on the Chromebook - just connect to a URL and enter your login name and password.

Visit the Ericom site to try an online demo from your Chrome browser.

Please note that I work for Ericom