1Password for Android

You Mac users out there (yes, we know there are a few of you) likely are familiar with 1Password, the uber-password management software. (For the uninitiated, 1Password securely stores your passwords. Learn more here.) Finally (finally!) it's come to Android (Version 2.1 and up). You're going to have to manually copy over your password data from your computer to the phone, but after that, you'll have access to everything. And best of all, it's free. [1Password instructionsMarket LinkApp Brain] Thanks, Rene!

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Chondog says:

Anyone know how this compares to Login Book?

1SFG says:

Anyone know how this compares to SplashID?

robertw0925 says:

You could at least tell us non Mac users about the product

Blah says:

I would like to know that as well.

As would I. Also how secure is this data and will anyone else have access to it? Blackberry kinda sold me on how a password manager is supposed to be. Simple easy and secure. Only thing I miss about the berry.

crxssi says:

>And best of all, it's free.

Yes, but is it OPEN SOURCE? I don't know about you, but I am not about to trust all my passwords to some closed-source software app. How do we know that information is secure??

agreed. i use Keeper (not open source either), but instead of storing exact passwords, i just store hints to remind me of them

ziaodix says:

Finally (finally!) it's come to Android (Verizon 2.1 and up).

Some one needs to teach Phil to proof-read his post.

Yeah, but then I'd have no reason to read your comments. Oh, and proofread is one word. :p

Starku says:

Don't forget he used "Verizon" instead of "version," and "post" when he wanted "posts." People who tell others to proofread should do the same. Also, someone is one word as well.

melwan says:

I can't believe it's finally available for Window as well (beta). 1Password was the ONLY thing I missed after switching from Mac to Windows 7 and from iPhone to Android.


graymulligan says:

OI safe. Done.

For Windows users like me we can get the desktop version at http://agilewebsolutions.com/onepassword/win/downloading and input all the personal data there. Once that's done, pass the file to your phone which should have the mobile version and voila.

sarcasstic says:

I'm glad its finally here! 1Password is a great app. I am sure this will get polished after the responses they receive!

Thanks Agile!!!

RandomMarius says:

I bought and used to use 1Password for the longest time. Then I switched to using Chrome and the folks at Agile took pretty long in getting it to work. A moot point anyway as I switched to using Windows 7 (I'm a switcher-backer) Anyway, I can say that 1Password is truly the best out there. I've been using KeePass and a few other open source ones, but finally I settled on LastPass. I have many reasons, the foremost being platform agnosticism.

So yea, 1Password is incredible, but does not suit my needs at the moment. I'll also be moving away from iPhone to Android soon, but that is another issue. (Nothing against Macs, I still like Apple computers, the iPhone just rubbed me up the wrong way with Google Voice App denial).

Colin says:

A surprisingly large number of Mac users are getting android phones, actually. I work at an apple dealership, and there's been a big influx lately. Seems like the Incredible and EVO were the turning point. Either that, or another WWDC come and gone and the iPhone's still carrier-locked.

sigamore says:

Cool stuff! אחלה אפליקציה
Lol :-)

aproposnix says:

Hmmm... Can't this already been done with Keepass???

Here's an article on the very topic: http://goo.gl/nCwK

Basically all you need to do is install Keepass (on Linux, Windows or Mac) on a machine with dropbox. Once installed, you will be able to sync between any of the devices :)

Julius Loa says: