Zombie Gunship for Android

A massively popular shooter game from iOS, Zombie Gunship, has found its way to Android today. Players man the guns in a military aircraft which is circling a zombie apocalypse survivor bunker.

From thousands of feet in the air, you've got to lay down a withering hail of fire on hordes of zombies as they move in towards your bunker, and provide cover for survivors fleeing for safety.

Let the zombies too close to the entrance or accidentally kill too many civilians, and superiors will pull you out of the mission. With the bounty earned from each kill, players can upgrade their ship with new guns, increase rate of fire on existing ones, buy consumable power-ups, and lots more. 

Unlike most zombie games which rely on gorey details to some extent or another, in this one all you're seeing are the silhouettes of figures, which is a more likely perspective from someone firing down from the air. Sure, Zombie Gunship isn't meant to be a realistic military simulator by any means, but the game's esthetic adds an interesting sense of detachment that you don't get elsewhere.  

Anyway, it's a ton of fun - hit the download link above to give it a shot.