In last week's poll we asked what your favorite calendar app is. Using a calendar app can ensure that you don't accidentally forget about important events, or miss any doctor's appointments that you made 6 months ago and have now completely forgotten about.

Since there are so many different calendar apps out and available on The Google Play Store we gave you the choice between 9 of the most popular apps currently available. We wanted to know which calendar app was your absolute favorite, and the go to for making sure you don't miss appointments or events in your life.

"Google Calendar" smashed into first place, claiming first place with 63.7% of the vote. With 17.8%, "I use an app not listed here" claimed second place. "aCalendar" managed to grab up 6% of the vote for third place. Fourth place was claimed for "Today Calendar" with 3.9%. "DigiCal" was right behind, snatching up fifth place with 3.5%. In sixth place, with 2.2% was "I don't really use a calendar app." "Cal" scooped uo 1.1% to take seventh place, followed by "Sol Calendar" in eighth with 1%. In last place, with only 0.6% of the vote, was "Jorte Calendar."

Did your favorite calendar make our list? Are you a fan of using Google Calendar to keep track of everything going on in your life? Pop into the comments and let us know!