Whether it's streaming Internet radio or keeping as much of your music collection as you can on a microSD card, you gotta admit there are some great ways to keep the tunes flowing on your Android phone.

Yeah, we probably could have split these into two categories - streaming and non. But no matter, you guys had some great picks. After the break, we take a look at your favorite options.

No. 1 - Pandora (streaming)


Easily the No. 1 streaming music service around, Pandora easily made the leap from the desktop computer to the mobile space. Its UI is easy to navigate, and its song selection is as good as any other. Free (Market link)

Honorable mention - Slacker Radio (streaming)

Slacker's a longtime favorite of ours, and it's right up there with you guys as well. The Android client pairs nicely with the desktop version, and a recent update brought station caching to our phones so that we don't always have to be online to enjoy the latest music from Slacker. Free  (Market link); premium subscription starts at $4.99 a month

Honorable mention - Stock Android music app

Android stock music app

For many of you, the stock music app that comes with Android is good enough. And it's not bad. The buttons are larger and "finger-friendly," album art is of a decent size. But most of all, it's what's on many phones by default, and it largely gets the job done.

Honorable mention - Last.fm (streaming)

Last.FM on Android

Last.FM is another great contender for streaming music on Android. In fact, making the choice between this or any of the other streaming players largely comes down to whether you like the mix of music you get. But Last.FM also adds more of a social networking factor, with the ability to sync your contacts with your Last.FM friends. Free (Market link)

 Honorable mention - MixZing


A very nice interface and home screen widgets help MixZing round out your picks. It also features a "Mood player" that's akin to iTunes' Genius playlists, "but way better," they say. Missing album art is automatically downloaded, as are artist biographies and photos.