Yahoo Mail now lets you search for GIFs, add attachments from Google Drive

Yahoo Mail has received a new update, adding the ability to easily find and attach a GIF from Tumblr to an email. The app can now also add attachments directly from Google Drive and Dropbox.

Here's what you'll get with Yahoo Mail 5.4.3:

  • Express yourself with an animated GIF - Animated GIFs help you say hello, offer congrats, or share a laugh, all without typing a message.
  • Connect your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts - Access and send documents, photos, and files stored in your cloud accounts.
  • With our new widgets, you can see the state of your inbox directly on your home screen:
    • See the latest emails you've received
    • See the number of new messages in your inbox with a badged icon
    • Quickly compose an email

On Android, you can also delete drafts right away if you cancel a draft that you're writing. There are also now three widget options for Yahoo Mail, which can show your latest emails, offer an inbox count with a badged icon, or a quick compose button.

You can grab the Yahoo Mail update from the Google Play Store now.