Spotify Wrapped 2022 gets unwrapped with new 'Listening Personality' types

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What you need to know

  • Spotify launches its Wrapped 2022 story for listeners and subscribers.
  • The story now matches users with personality types based on their listening habits and shows users how their music evolves throughout the day.
  • Spotify Wrapped integrates better with apps such as WhatsApp and Line for easy card-sharing, while Snapchat users gain new Bitmoji customization options.

The time has finally come for Spotify users to show off their music tastes with the latest Wrapped experience. The company shared the latest updates about Spotify Wrapped 2022 in a blog post on Wednesday as the experience begins rolling out.

As usual, Spotify Wrapped 2022 displays different cards in a story that showcases your stats throughout the year. This includes your top songs, top artists, albums, and podcasts, as well as a look at the genres and total minutes spent listening to your favorite tunes on the music streaming app.

Spotify Wrapped 2022 top artist

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Among the usual stats and visuals, Spotify is introducing two new stories. The first assigns users with a "Listening Personality," matching listeners with one of 16 personality types based on their listening habits (apparently, I'm "The Replayer," since I stick with what I like and rarely deviate). It's like the Myers-Briggs of music streaming, and you can check out the different personality types here. YouTube Music also rolled out a similar feature in its 2022 Recap, which has also started rolling out for users of the streaming app.

There's also the new Audio Day story, which tells you about the type of music you prefer as the day progresses.

In addition to new stories, Spotify Wrapped is also giving users more ways to share their tastes with friends and family, including the ability to share cards via WhatsApp and Vine. Snapchat users can also customize their Bitmoji to match their Music Personality, and Wrapped-themes GIFs are also coming to Giphy.

Spotify Wrapped 2022 is rolling out now to users across iOS and Android phones. It may time some time to show up on your account, but once it does, you'll notice a huge banner on the home page that will take you to your Wrapped story.

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