Following an early launch on Amazon, Telltale's gritty adventure game The Wolf Among Us is now available on the Google Play Store. The first episode is free, with additional episodes available for $4.99 each or the whole season for $14.99.

The Wolf Among Us puts players in control of Bigby, a sheriff with a temper problem who also happens to be a wolf. The game takes place in Fabletown, and as you might expect, there are plenty of characters that come from some childhood story. These guys have to use magic to disguise themselves and not disturb the citizens of New York, though that's not always easy. The first episode kicks off with an encounter with the Wolf's well-known adversary from Little Red Riding Hood, the Woodsman. It's up to you how you handle every situation, and every decision has lasting effects on the rest of the story.

Don't let the cartoony art style or folklore roots fool you; The Wolf Among Us is an adult game with lots of great things go for it. Grab the first episode now and let us know what you think in the comments.