Google Maps

If you've downloaded the latest Google Maps and use Google Latitude to check in to places, you might have seen something a little out of place. We recently got an e-mail here at Android Central pointing out the situation, so we figured we'd post it and see if anyone else has experienced this. As it was sent to us:

I noticed something after checking in via Latitude that I haven't seen posted about. Even after some very intense Googling (3 minutes tops). So I posted it about it in a Google+ post and received confirmation about it from a Latitude dev stating it just went live yesterday.

Check ins are awarded point values. Looks like 2 points for a new check in, 1 point for checking in to the same place again. You are then ranked and compared to other people in your circles.  I see no way to access the Leaderboard other than checking in. I can only get it to come up when checking in via Maps, checking in or tagging a place in Google+ seems to award points but the leaderboard is not displayed.

Checking out the Google+ post, the Latitude developer, Joe LaPenna stated there was nothing further to announce when questioned why it was happening but, there seems to be a little bit more to the story here then he cared to mention.

Source: Google+, Thanks, Joey!