Looking to pick up one of Samsung's new line of tablets? Here's the where and how much

Today sees Samsung's newest Android tablets – or some of them, at least – officially go on sale in the United States. While the Tab Pro 12.2 and LTE Note Pro 12.2 aren't scheduled until March, three other versions of the Pro line are now available to buy. 

There's no doubt a ton of different retailers across the States that will be selling some or all of the new tablets, but we've linked up a few of the bigger ones for you after the break. The Note Pro 12.2 will run you for $649.99, the Tab Pro 10.1 $499.99 and the Tab Pro 8.4 is $399.99. Not cheap, but then Samsung has put some decent hardware inside and we're also getting the brand new Magazine UX. If you've got any other suggestions where to snag one or come across any deals, drop us a line in the comments!

Hands on with the Samsung Pro tablets

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