AndroidZOMG, Google's going to announce ... something ... tomorrow at its campus in Mountain View, Calif. Question is, what? The invitation [via Giz] points to "unveiling a couple of cool new mobile features." Let's run down some of the ideas we've thrown around here in the office:

  • Gingerbread (Android 3.0): Very unlikely.
  • Some sort of interim version between Froyo and Gingerbread: Possible, but also not likely.
  • New Google apps, along the lines of Google Goggles or Maps: More than likely.
  • The Android Market web interface Google showed off at its IO dev conference in May: Geez, we hope so.
  • Music download and sync service: That'd be another "PLEASE LET IT HAPPEN!"
  • When your phone is schedule to get Froyo: Not gonna happen.

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