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Google I/O 2016 is here, and that means that we got to see what Google has in store for us moving forward. Google I/O is always exciting, it's here that we first heard about Google Cardboard, Android Wear, and of course everything that comes next for Android. That's why we want to know which of the announcements at the Google I/O keynote caught your eye, or won your heart.

In this week's poll we're asking which new announcement was your favorite. While there were plenty of new announcements at the keynote, there were definitely too many to include here. So instead we've given you 6 options for this week's poll: "Google Home", "Android Studio 2.2", "Google Assistant", "Allo messenger", "Duo video" or "Android Wear 2.0".

With so many awesome new announcements it might be hard to pick your favorite, so be sure to tell us what caught your eye in the comments below!