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Droid X about screenEvo 4G about screen

Android 2.3 Gingerbread is out of the bag and eventually will make its way to phones. But many of you are still waiting on Froyo. And in the meantime, there can be a bit of confusion over which version of Android you're actually running. The easy way to check is to press the menu button, then go to settings. The scroll down (it's usually at the bottom) and choose "About phone." You should see a screen like the ones above. (Note that HTC phones may make you go deeper, into "Software Information." 

What you're looking for is "Android version." You should have Android 2.1-update 1, or Android 2.2, or Android 2.2.1. What you're not looking for is "Software version." On the Droid X (which you see above on the left), it may be a bit confusing, because the software version is 2.3.xxx. But that doesn't mean you're running Android 2.3. (Sorry.) No, just look for the Android Version line and you'll be all set.

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What version of Android do I have?


I beleive the Galaxy S models say "Firmware Version" instead of "Android Version" At least my Fascinate does. 2.1 -update 1 here. C'mon Verizon, give me Froyo!

On my Samsung Fascinate, it says "firmware" version - 2.1-update 1 - why wouldn't it say android version?

mine still says firmware 2.1, how do I download latest system update for Droid Eris? I checked system update and it said there are none??

how do i update my softwear wen it dont say it on da phone. but t-mobile says it an update for it but they cant send it to my phone . its for da my touch 4G. da new softwear is 2.3