@evleaks, who is always a source you want to pay attention to, has just posted this picture on their Twitter account. Yes, this is what appears to be the curved display phone from Samsung we've been hearing about for a while. 

Sporting an SK Telecom (the dancing Bugdroid carrier) icon and Korean language writing, it would appear that this one will be releasing in Samsung's homeland. Other than that, we have no details about exactly what we're seeing. And the ones I can imagine aren't fit to print.

Edit: Another image has been posted, and conformation that this is a Korea only affair, for now. See it after the break.

Are we ready for phones like this? Call me skeptical, but I see little benefit here — at least none that would be worth the added manufacturing costs. Maybe it's one of those things you need to hold before it makes sense.

Source: @evleaks

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