Google I/O 2014

Holy Moley we saw a lot of great stuff at Google I/O 2014, didn't we? Android on all of your screens, the new design language starting with Android L, and even new hardware. Being there and watching the presentations — and rewatching them on Youtube — was a blast, and I left more excited than ever for what's in store from the minds at Google.

Now that we've had a few days to digest it all and pick everything apart with that critical eye that only a fan could have, I'm curious what everyone's favorite thing was. Mine was Android One. I love what I see from Android Wear so far, and I can't wait until I Phil buys me buy a new Jeep with Android Auto on board. I'm even clearing out a spot in the stand for an Android TV box. But Android One was my "big thing." Imagine every entry-level smartphone being like the Moto G. That's what Android one is trying to make happen, and to me that's pretty important.

Now hit that poll and tell us all what your favorite thing was!