Messenger apps are basic, yet ever-evolving. And there's always a new one to try.

Nowadays, our phones do a heck of a lot more, but we still consider messaging one of the most important functions of our phones. After all, these are communication devices. And unlike the flip phone days where you were stuck with the messaging app that came with your phone, today you have a plethora of choices for how you send your emoji and hilarious pics across town and around the world. Most phones even ship with two text messaging options out of the box. With all the choices in messaging, we wonder what app our faithful readers are using.

Most major manufacturers have a messaging app as part of their skin or app suite. If they don't, they still have the AOSP Messaging app so that there's a pre-loaded messaging app for out-of-the-box use. The AOSP Messaging app is a bit bland, and a bit old, but it's a simple and stable app. Carriers may overhaul the colors and add in a few bells or whistles, but their apps, too, usually aim to be simple and stable rather than eye-catching.

For eye-catching, you will be turning to the Play Store.

Google's own Messenger is material, clean, and beautiful. It's also, what you're recommended to use if you're getting into the new Project Fi, which is a shame if you use Hangouts. Hangouts is not only a text messaging client, it's its own video chat and instant messaging service, and while it may not be as pretty or easy as Messenger (I want Hangouts to steal Messenger's color schemes), for many who use Hangouts frequently, using one app instead of two is worth it.

Then there are the third-party texting apps, and make no mistake, there are plenty of them out there. Handcent SMS and Textra SMS have been frontrunners in the third-party space for a while, while more material clients like EvolveSMS and chomp SMS are finding followings of their own. So, which are you using and why? Vote and comment below!