The pre-loaded Gallery is still the favorite, but the gap is shrinking

Samsung has the Samsung Gallery, Motorola has the Motorola Gallery, and so on. While we call many of the apps that manufacturers load onto our phones bloatware, these galleries are not counted among them. But as we've gone through our latest series on Android photography, we wondered just how many of our readers were indeed content with the standard gallery, and how many had moved on to an app with more functionality, like automatic backup in Photos or the ability to browse through cloud services in QuickPic. So, as we do every week at Android Central, we put it to a vote.

And it was a photo finish... just not for first place.

Gallery still reigns, but Photos and QuickPic were neck and neck for most of the week.

A little over 40 percent of responding users affirmed that the OEM or stock gallery is good enough for them, with comments praising Samsung Gallery, Sony Album, Motorola Gallery, and the stock Android gallery, which many users have imported to their phones after Google stopped including it in their Nexus factory images. Some said they simply didn't need to install another app, while others said they preferred the look or features in their particular Gallery.

The real race to watch this week was for Miss Congeniality, and QuickPic won in the end by less than 50 votes. QuickPic had a decent following in the comments as well, both on the poll and in last week's showdown between Photos and Gallery, where its ability to browse your galleries from everywhere from Flickr and Drive to subscriptions like 500px was quite popular, but not as popular as the speed and dependability of the app. Photos has a decent following from both Nexus owners and from users who got into Google+ Photos for the cloud syncing and stayed for the editing suite.

So, are you surprised that the stock gallery still has as many users as it does, or do you swear by Sony Album/Motorola Gallery/whatever came on your phone? Is Photos too much of a hot mess for you, or do you need the superb feature set in QuickPic? Tell us in the comments below, and as always, if there's something you want to see in a future poll, share your ideas below. You might see it here on Tuesday.