What's it look like outside? Not like this anymore.

Weather apps are like weather conditions: they're different everywhere

We'll be digging into weather apps in a few weeks, but before we do, we wanted to get a feel for what apps our readers are currently using. And of the over 9000 of you — what, 9000?! — there were a few resounding conclusions. First, there is a surprising diversity of apps in the weather sphere, with plenty of apps both on and off the poll's list getting a lot of mentions.

Secondly, having just one weather app doesn't seem to be enough for most users. Many users confessed to having a whole slew of weather apps, each having a coveted feature — like the lightning tracker on WeatherBug — and each having a varying level of accuracy in your particular neck of the woods. And while even I admit to using two weather sources — 1Weather and Google Now for hands-free weather inquiries — we didn't include multiple choice on this poll in order to try and get a better picture of what you're using. Besides, I rather like provoking you into commenting and calling me out for not including your choice.

Now for the results of the poll itself. The top choice was Google Now, taking in just over a fifth of the vote. This was a popular choice not only for it being the one that comes on just about every current device with Google services but also being powered by The Weather Channel, having seamless voice interaction, and for popping up on our Chromebooks and our Android Wear watches. trailing it by less than 50 votes is 'Other', a testament to the number of weather apps out there — and to me leaving WeatherBug off the poll, among others.

Next up, and the first standalone weather app in the results is Accuweather, which is unsurprising given its feature-set, the sheer number of devices it ships on, and the fact that Accuweather also powers a slew of smaller 3rd party weather apps and widgets. A distant fourth at 10 percent is 1Weather, a clean and straightforward app with material design and — it seems — a decent following. Damn near tying it is Yahoo Weather, which is one of the most beautiful weather apps we've ever seen.

Taking home a little over 8 percent each, Weather Underground and the Weather Channel both have plenty of users, but also plenty of detractors, saying that their apps are clumsy or unsightly. And rounding out the poll, less than 2 percent of the vote went to both local weather app/sites and to no weather app at all. I wish I lived somewhere where I didn't need a weather app, but I heard that holodecks aren't going to be perfected for about 500 years.

We'll be following up on weather apps — and radar apps, too, with some input from a meteorologist and storm chaser — in a few weeks, but for now, don't be shy! Tell us with what you're looking for in your weather apps, and now out and enjoy the weekend. It's freaking beautiful here today and I'm gonna go do some laps.