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We asked you last week what you thought about how Google handles our privacy. Specifically, if you think they (Google) care about your private data. Privacy is always a hot topic, and lately a barrage of misinformation and armchair speculation comparing the big tech companies and their policies has made things more newsworthy, and to be honest, has hurt any chance of real discussion. Remember kids, these companies exist only to make money. All of them.

poll results

Anyhoo, a look at the results of our unscientific poll of folks who read Android Central shows that most of us think Google does care, even if they don't care enough for our liking. About a quarter of the votes think Google doesn't care, and 540 people say Google tries to hurt our privacy (but failed to say how in the comment section). Not very surprising results, though they would have been different had we asked last year I think.

What do I think? Well, for starters I think Google does care. A lot. I realize I am just a number inside a computer algorithm to Google, and they aren't likely to know who I am. But Google's business model depends on a lot of those numbers, so they take the way they handle our private data very seriously. Any mishaps mean lost users, which means lost revenue. Any security issues aside — remember security does not equal privacy — Google will strive to hold their end of the user agreements we all agreed to when we started using their services. So will Apple. And Microsoft. And Facebook.

Always remember, you can opt out of any service from any company that has policy you do not like.